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Course Descriptions

  • BUSI3303
    Introduction to Supply Chain Management

    This course provides a basic grounding in the components of the supply chain from purchasing through sales and distribution in a context of using information technology (IT) to achieve strategic and organizational objectives. Contribution to the profitable operation and competitiveness of the firm is stressed as the main objective of the purchasing and supply chain management function. Topics include how to improve speed to market, enabling online purchasing/supply chain functions, production, distribution and logistics systems, inventory management, enterprise system evaluation and supplier selection, financial considerations, outsourcing and partnership options, competitive bidding and negotiation, contracts, client service and satisfaction issues, etc. (3 credits) Pre-requisite(s): BUSI2093, BUSI2043

  • BUSI3313

    SCM Systems and Analytics

    This course examines the role of information and information technology, especially the Internet, in helping coordinate and manage supply chains. Key topics include the use of information and information technology to support “pull” versus “push” supply chain operations, control supply chain instability, relationship management with customers and suppliers, and the role of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. (3 credits) Prerequisite(s): None

  • BUSI3323

    Logistics and Facilities Management

    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of physical distribution management, or the flow of goods and information. Specifically the course will focus on the design of logistics networks and the management of transportation infrastructures. Key topics include design options for a distribution network, facility location and capacity allocation, choice of transportation mode and carrier (based on trade-off analysis), vehicle routing and scheduling, warehousing, materials handling and inventory management. (3 credits) Prerequisite(s): None

  • BUSI3333

    Procurement and Supply Management

    This course developed the students’ understanding of the strategic and operational roles that purchasing plays in contributing to an organization’s competitive position and profit. Students explore the evolution of traditional purchasing to the collaborative supplier-customer relationship found in contemporary and leading-edge supply chain management. All aspects of developing and maintaining an effective procure-to-pay process, including purchasing strategies, outsourcing, price determination and contract management, supplier relationship management (SRM), and legal aspects are covered in this course. (3 credits) Prerequisite(s): None

  • BUSI3343

    SCM Capstone Project

    This course will provide students with an experiential opportunity to reinforce, synthesize, and build on the supply chain management knowledge and skills they developed in previous courses. Acting as consultants, students will work in teams to develop an executable supply chain strategy and implementation plan for a company who is seeking to enter a new foreign market. Students will be required to apply knowledge from all four SCM courses in their development of the project. (3 credits) Pre-requisites: BUSI3333.

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