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Signature Learning Outcomes

Adaptable, Skilled, & Career-Ready

Our Signature Learning Outcomes cultivate the skills, mindsets, and confidence needed to launch fulfilling, impactful careers.

What Sets Yorkville Graduates Apart

At Yorkville University, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional degrees. Our Signature Learning Outcomes represent a foundational set of skills and mindsets that every Yorkville student develops, regardless of their program.

These outcomes have been carefully developed to reflect the capabilities that employers value most today, providing students with a tangible advantage as they navigate their careers.

In other words, you can think of Signature Learning Outcomes as the core competencies our graduates bring to the table, both professionally and personally. They’re what set Yorkville students apart.

Yorkville’s 8 Signature Learning Outcomes


Our graduates employ reflection, empathy, and self-regulation to deepen their understanding of themselves and their communities.

Digitally Capable

Our graduates source, evaluate, create, and communicate ideas using a variety of digital tools and platforms.


Our graduates are ready for complex and changing environments, anticipating and adapting to emerging needs and circumstances.

Socially Responsible

Our graduates identify and confront past and present social injustices and contribute to inclusive and sustainable spaces and places.


Our graduates contribute to and lead effective teams, integrating diverse perspectives and facilitating collaboration to achieve a common goal.


Our graduates effectively advocate for themselves and their communities.


Our graduates integrate analytical and technical skills with curiosity and experimentation to create original work or propose novel solutions.

Professionally Engaged

Our graduates are ethical practitioners who pursue life-long learning by honing their craft, seeking feedback, exploring diverse interests, and engaging with their professional and academic communities.

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Why Employers Choose Yorkville Graduates  

Yorkville University graduates enter the workplace with industry-relevant qualifications and a unique set of in-demand skills and aptitudes. Our Signature Learning Outcomes translate directly to tangible benefits for employers.

Proactive Problem-Solvers

Our graduates are known for their initiative, creative approach to challenges, and relentless determination.

Tech-Savvy Leaders

Our graduates confidently utilize the latest tools and platforms to drive innovation in a digital-first world.

Persuasive and Collaborative Communicators

Our graduates confidently articulate ideas at all levels of an organization, fostering understanding and teamwork.

Ethical Change-Makers

Our graduates are committed to diversity, equity, and sustainability, and strive to create positive change within their organizations and communities.

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