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Corporate Partners

Earn Your Degree While You Work

Empowering working professionals to achieve academic excellence, our Corporate Partnerships Page is a testament to collaborative success. Explore how Yorkville University and leading companies unite to unlock educational opportunities for employees on their journey to earning a degree while working.

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Yorkville University is a UPS preferred university and as such, employees can receive a special tuition bursary, have certain fees waived and be allowed more flexible tuition payment options. 

Want to learn more? Please contact below an Admissions Advisor who can help you discover why achieving your degree at Yorkville University is easier and more affordable than you may think.


  • Application fee of $150 is waived
  • Registration fee of $300 is waived
  • Typically, students on a leave of absence are asked to pay a leave of absence fee.  For UPS employees this LOA fee is waived.
  • 13.3% tuition bursary
  • Students are typically asked to complete the program within 7 years of starting. For UPS employees who, due to workload challenges, cannot finish in 7 years, special consideration will be given.
  • UPS employees are allowed special scheduling of their tuition payments so that they are not charged tuition until their grades are issued at the end of a course.  This means there is less time between paying tuition and receiving their tuition benefit from UPS.


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