Renowned Bachelor of Interior Design Program Now Offered Through Yorkville University

Press Releases

March 27, 2018

Yorkville University is pleased to announce that among its offerings of bachelor and master level programs, it will now offer the renowned CIDA accredited and ARIDO recognized, Bachelor of Interior Design. Previously offered through RCC Institute of Technology, the program and the curriculum have met accreditation rigours as well as provincial legislative requirements.

Recently, Ontario’s Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development granted consent for the transfer of the Bachelor of Interior Design program to Yorkville University.

The Bachelor of Interior Design program has a long-standing history with RCC Institute of Technology and before that the Academy of Design. Throughout the past 30 years, this program has evolved into a four-year bachelor degree, a reflection of changing industry and professional standards, to meet the current demands of entry-to-practice.

The faculty and administrators take great measures to ensure the program is relevant, on trend with technological advances, and the growing needs of the profession. Its graduates are poised to become leaders in the professional practice of interior design.

The benefits of transferring the program to Yorkville University are numerous for the Bachelor of Interior Design, as well as for its students and graduates. Being part of a national university the program will be able to leverage its resources to provide even greater access to the program. Potential students across the nation will benefit from the program’s rigour, accessibility and flexibility.

The Bachelor of Interior Design continues to offer its students and graduates the opportunity to connect, collaborate, innovate and inspire the physical world around them through design. Committed to the betterment of society and the protection of public health, safety and welfare, now, students can augment the rich heritage of RCC Institute of Technology with the wealth of benefits Yorkville University brings, not the least of which is a large network of alumni from across Canada and around the world.

As part of the evolution, graduates of the BID will be welcomed into the Yorkville University’s national network of alumni. The Yorkville University Alumni Community has its own website and an active Facebook community which shares resources, ideas, advice, career development strategies and job postings.