Yorkville University and Toronto Film School Launch New Indigenous Student Tuition Bursary


June 21, 2022

TORONTO, ON, June 21, 2022 – In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, Yorkville University and Toronto Film School are proud to announce a newly launched bursary for Indigenous students. 

The Indigenous Student Tuition Bursary, which will cover 25 per cent of qualifying students’ tuition, will be available to all new and current Indigenous students who are enrolled in any of Yorkville University or Toronto Film School’s on-campus and online programs.

“This bursary is just the latest initiative we’ve launched at Yorkville University and Toronto Film School in demonstration of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Yorkville University President Julia Christensen Hughes. “As Canadian higher education has been called upon to take thoughtful and decisive action towards truth and reconciliation, I am pleased to announce our commitment to enhancing accessibility to our innovative undergraduate and graduate programs.”

“Now, more than ever, Canada needs Indigenous storytellers to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the screen – from both behind the camera and in front of it,” added Andrew Barnsley, Toronto Film School’s Emmy – and Golden Globe – winning president. “With the Indigenous Student Tuition Bursary, we hope to open the door to even more aspiring Indigenous filmmakers, so that they can gain the skills they need to share their stories and amplify the voices of their communities.” 

The Indigenous Student Tuition Bursary is available to all Canadian citizens or permanent residents with Indigenous ancestry. Students applying to or who are already enrolled in Yorkville University’s undergraduate degree programs and Toronto Film School’s diploma programs will be able to access the bursary in July 2022. For those pursuing Yorkville University’s doctoral and master level programs, the bursary will take effect in September 2022. 

Prospective students wishing to apply for the bursary are urged to contact one of Yorkville University or Toronto Film School’s Admissions Advisors for more information, while current students can contact Jessica Gruchy at [email protected]

As Yorkville University and Toronto Film School’s Manager of Indigenous Partnerships and Engagement, Gruchy explained that the Indigenous Student Tuition Bursary was created in the wake of a series of consultation sessions she and Thamina Jaferi, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, conducted with Indigenous students over the past year. 

“One of the concerns consistently identified by students was the socioeconomic barriers in accessing funding for post-secondary education,” said Gruchy, a Mi’kmaq member of the Qalipu First Nation in Newfoundland. “That’s why I am so excited to share that Yorkville University and Toronto Film School are taking steps to help address these barriers. This is a positive initiative which will assist current and prospective Indigenous students to pursue their higher education goals.”

The bursary also complements some of the ongoing initiatives aimed at amplifying the voices of Indigenous students currently being championed by Gruchy and Jaferi – including the schools’ recently announced Indigenous Student Advisory Council (ISAC). 

Members of the Toronto Film School and Yorkville University’s newly launched ISAC will assist the schools in leading organizational Indigenization strategic initiatives, helping to develop networks amongst Indigenous students, and creating safe spaces for them to voice their perspectives on the student experience.

“The development of the Yorkville University and Toronto Film School Indigenous Students Advisory Council is another key step in building meaningful relationships with Indigenous students, learning about the Truth and Reconciliation process, and providing a forum for the feedback and insights of Indigenous students for the organization’s consideration,” Jaferi said. 

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