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Graduation Requirements

Yorkville University’s BBA programs require the completion of 120 credits hours of study. The degree is designed to be completed over 10 academic quarters (2.5 years). Each academic quarter lasts for 12 weeks during which time students take four courses concurrently. Yorkville University operates year round with four academic quarters per year. As a result, full time students who enroll without transfer credits may complete their degree in 30 months. Those who bring transfer credits into the degree may have this time of study reduced.

The curriculum design of the Yorkville BBA accounts for the achievement of the broad learning outcomes associated with an undergraduate degree as well as the more specific learning outcomes tied to an initial study in business. The overall objective is to provide students with a sound foundation in the theory and practice of business management.

The program places a heavy emphasis on the application and integration of theory and practice. Using case study analysis and comprehensive project approaches, the program is designed to ensure students learn the contextual relevance of the concepts being studied. The 39 courses of the BBA are allocated as follows:

  • 5 Introductory level core business courses
  • 14 Intermediate level core business courses
  • In our British Columbia BBA, 5 courses from a choice of four specializations (includes 1 capstone-project course)
  • 7 apply & integrate and advanced core business courses (*includes 4 project based, applyand integrate courses)
  • 8 General Studies courses.
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