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Bachelor of Business Administration

Yorkville University offers a General Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in New Brunswick and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with specializations in the following areas: Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Energy Management in British Columbia.

The Bachelor of Business Administration programs are all designed to prepare students to work in management and business and all provide practical knowledge that can be applied in real business settings.

In each Bachelor of Business Administration program students are challenged to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and theories using a variety of methodologies including case studies, online simulations, and major projects. These approaches build confidence in the application of the students’ new knowledge.

In addition, each program provides structured opportunities for students to integrate the knowledge they have acquired in real-life business settings to their studies. This connection to real business settings (apply) and student experiences (integrate) creates a level of engagement among students rarely experienced in an undergraduate business program.


Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration allows students the opportunity to acquire detailed knowledge in specific areas of the discipline. The four specialization options offered include Project Management, Energy Management, Accounting, and Supply Chain Management.

Each specialization contains five dedicated courses designed to build a set of core competencies that culminates in a senior project-based Capstone course. This course will provide students with an experiential opportunity to reinforce, synthesize, and build on the knowledge and skills they developed in earlier courses, with a practical, applied focus that prepares students to take the next step in their career.

With the launch of Yorkville University’s campus in Vancouver, British Columbia, the four specializations within the BBA are offered through two modes of delivery: online and on-campus.

Delivery Modes

Yorkville University strives to accommodate all types of learners, and to meet the needs of its growing student network. Offering both online and on-campus delivery is intended to enhance the learning experience, and to expand educational access for all current and potential students.


Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration takes a flexible approach to online education, using curriculum designed to optimize the learning experience.

In every course, faculty actively engage in discussions and provide individualized feedback, guidance, and support. Students follow a customized plan of study but, within each course, move through the material together participating in discussions, working on group assignments and team presentations, and completing independent assignments. All Yorkville University online BBA programs are offered without a residency component.


Available at Yorkville University’s campus in Vancouver, British Columbia, this is a blended online / on-campus delivery mode. This approach combines the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility of online learning with the benefit of coming to campus at specific points throughout each course for real time, face-to-face interaction. Discussions, group activity, and faculty lectures move seamlessly from the online to on-campus environment. Having some in-class sessions retains the social dynamic, while decreasing scheduled attendance and commuting time for students with work and life commitments.

Students are not required to choose online or on-campus for their whole BBA. Instead, they can select which courses they would like to attend via on-campus delivery and which they would prefer to do online. This added customization allows students to select a delivery mode according to their preferences, and what best suits their learning needs, at any given time.

Professional designations

Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration specializations have been developed to align with the educational requirements for professional designations in their corresponding fields.

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