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Black History Month Showcase | Recapping Amazing Faculty & Student Achievements

Every February, people across Canada celebrate Black History Month, honouring the histories, successes, sacrifices and triumphs of the members of our Black communities in this country.

At Yorkville University, we are honoured to share the achievements of our Black faculty members, students, staff and alumni – experiences that we highlight on our YU News page, and in our YU Showcase articles throughout the year. 

With the theme of this year’s Black History Month being “Ours to tell,” we are proud to reshare – and recelebrate – some of those inspiring stories with you here. 

Dr. Kimber Shelton Celebrates Book Publication, Virtual Conference and Podcast Appearance

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology professor Dr. Kimber Shelton had lots to celebrate over the past year, including the publication of her new book, the success of her recent two-day virtual conference, and her appearance on a popular podcast, to name a few. 

  • Pitch Masters podcast listeners were treated to an “eye-opening” discussion about the additional emotional and psychological labours BIPOC individuals face in the workplace and other professional settings when Shelton sat down with host Danny Fontaine last month. 

You can read all about Shelton’s book HERE, her conference HERE and her podcast appearance HERE

BCA Student Olayimika Jinmi-Ahisu Selected into OYA Emerging Filmmakers Program

Olayimika Jinmi-Ahisu, a Bachelor of Creative Arts student, was recently selected to participate in the OYA Emerging Filmmakers program – a platform that helps jumpstart the career of young Black creatives in film, television, and digital media production. 

Ahisu’s biggest takeaways from his “enlightening” experience in the program so far are the connections and relationships he’s building with his fellow OYA Emerging Filmmakers participants. 

“Everyone makes each meeting feel like home; like I’m a part of a community. We are all at a point as emerging filmmakers where we need each other to attain the next stage in our careers,” he said. 

Read more about Ahisu’s participation in the OYA Emerging Filmmakers program, as well as his other upcoming projects, HERE.

MACP Prof Dr. Stacia Alexander Publishes Mental Health Book for College Students

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology professor Dr. Stacia Alexander recently published a new book tackling the underlying causes of mental health issues in college students.

10+ Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in College is a comprehensive text that aims to mentally prepare prospective and current students for the unexpected stressors of college by presenting constructs that benefit not only students, but also their parents, teachers, counselors, and any community leader looking to guide college students.

“Far beyond a book, this publication is a practical tool that breaks down the factors contributing to a diminished mental state in college students,” said Alexander, a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor boasting more than 20 years of expertise in her field.

10+ Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in College is available to order here.

Read more about Alexander’s book HERE.

BCA Student Roosevelt Phillip Lands Editing Job at Dim University

Bachelor of Creative Arts student Roosevelt Phillip recently landed a job editing podcasts for Dim University – a free online school and networking community that helps students around the world pursue their dreams.

In his new role, Phillip is responsible for editing the university’s podcasts for its social media platforms, including LinkedinTiktok and and Instagram, and preparing scripts and call sheets for university video shoots. 

“One takeaway I’ve gotten from this experience is that networking outside of the initial career you’re going to school for or in related career paths such as social media marketing, graphic design, compositing or video editing, is such a huge asset, because it can allow you to keep switching careers if you do not feel like you belong in that career path,” he said. 

Learn more about Phillip and his long-term goals HERE.  

Yorkville Webinar Tackles Role of Educators in Combatting Anti-Black Racism

Last February, several of Yorkville University’s Black faculty members joined a virtual panel discussion exploring Perspectives on Anti-Black Racism and the Role of Educators.

The faculty-facing webinar featured a panel of experts that included Dr. Alice CrawfordViolet Ferreira-SutherlandDr. Humphrey NarteyDr. Rita Onolemhemhen and Dr. Seyy Sode.

The hour-long discussion touched on the historical context of the concept of race, the ways in which society normalizes racism, internalized notions of racism and how that manifests itself, as well as proactive tips for educators to address anti-Black racism and inequity in academic settings. 

Learn more about the panel and watch the entire discussion HERE.

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