Yorkville University Launches Heart of MACP Video Series 

Yorkville University recently launched The Heart of MACP – a series of one-minute videos that offer a window into Yorkville’s Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program.  

Dr. Sarah Stewart-Spencer, Dean of Yorkville University’s Faculty of Behavioural Science

The 13-episode series, which can be accessed HERE, chronicles some of the recent transformations the MACP program has undergone in order to serve students better – from its widened practicum network and comprehensive skills labs, to free skills practice sessions and Insight & Inspire series, among many other improvements.  

“At Yorkville University, our aim is to help our students make the progress they want, without having to put their lives on pause. We keep moving towards our aim by continually improving our technology, teaching, ways of working and program offerings,” said Dr. Sarah Stewart-Spencer, Dean of Yorkville’s Faculty of Behavioural Sciences.  

“Things at our Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program are no different. Over the past few years, we’ve gone through a transformation as we continue to create meaningful learning experiences for our students. This video series highlights some of those changes that you can see or expect in our program. We hope that sharing our initiatives and goals gives you a clear window into the Heart of MACP.”  

Learn more about each episode in the Heart of MACP video series here:  

  • Episode 1: Introduction | Our aim at Yorkville University is to help you make the progress you want, without having to put your life on pause. Episode 1 of the Heart of MACP talks about the areas in which we have made changes and improvements to help us achieve our aim.  
  • Episode 2: Our MACP Faculty | Did you know that our Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program faculty are one of the most published in the profession? Learn more about our faculty in Episode 2 of the Heart of MACP series. 
  • Episode 3: Wider Practicum Network | Learn about the impressive growth in the number of approved sites and supervisors made available to our students in Episode 3 of the Heart of MACP series. 
  • Episode 4: Unique Practicum Resources | Episode 4 of the Heart of MACP series covers the extensive list of practicum resources designed for every learning style and offer the type of support that works best for our students. 
  • Episode 5: Free Site Supervisor Training | Explore the highlights of our commitment to collaborating with high-quality practicum site supervisors by offering free training in Episode 5 of the Heart of MACP series. 
  • Episode 6: Comprehensive Skills Lab | Episode 6 of the Heart of MACP series talks about our Skills Learning Lab – home to a collection of unique learning resources available only to our students 
  • Episode 7: Increased Skills Practice | Learn about how our impressive 52 weeks of skills practice ensures our students are ready to work with clients upon graduation in Episode 7 of the Heart of MACP series. 
  • Episode 8: Free Skills Practice Sessions | In a professional learning environment, skills develop when there is practice with feedback. Episode 8 of the Heart of MACP series talks about the opportunity offered to our students to practice with Yorkville University’s doctoral students. 
  • Episode 9: Our Ethical Publication | Did you know that our MACP program has its own publication? In Episode 9 of the Heat of MACP, learn more about our publication and how it helps our students become well-rounded professionals. 
  • Episode 10: Tele-Mental Health Counselling | In Episode 10 of the Heart of MACP series, learn how the online nature of our program gives our students an advantage in the increasingly virtual nature of our profession. 
  • Episode 11: Our Students | Whenever we have asked our faculty about how our students compare to other university students, we hear the same thing: the quality of our students far exceeds others. Learn more about our students in Episode 11 of the Heart of MACP series. 
  • Episode 12: Curriculum Diversity Audit | Learn more about our internal curriculum audit centered on language, research, APA, multiculturalism and promoting the Canadian perspective. 
  • Episode 13: Insight & Inspire Series | The last episode of the series talks about our Insight and Inspiration webinar, where we invite speakers from all over the world to talk about their specialty and focus areas for treatment, research, and tips. 

“Sharing our ‘heart’ with you, means the world to me,” said Stewart-Spencer. “I hope everyone takes some time to stroll through this video series and see for yourself what makes Yorkville’s MACP one of a kind!” 

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