Fulfilling a Dream | Ruth-Anne Boyd’s Bachelor of Business Administration Story

BBA Online

May 27, 2022

Written by Cynthia Reason

Not long into her first semester of university 30 years ago, Ruth-Anne Boyd’s life took an unexpected turn that caused her to put her dream of becoming a teacher on hold. 

BBA valedictorian Ruth-Anne Boyd

“I met my future husband, got an amazing job offer, and began thinking seriously about starting a family,” Boyd, this year’s valedictorian of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, said of her decision to drop out.

Fast forward more than 30 years, and despite not having a degree, Boyd nevertheless worked her way up the financial services corporate ladder. But at 50, she felt something was missing. 

“Although I enjoyed an amazing career as a Change Architect, it just wasn’t enough. My lifelong dream was to teach, but I needed a university degree,” she said. 

“It was time to finish what I started. Week after week, course after course, I gave it everything I had. Today, I’m a proud Bachelor of Business Administration graduate of Yorkville University and a college professor.”   

Boyd recently sat down to reflect on her time at Yorkville University and her plans for the future. Here’s what she had to say:

1. What brought you to Yorkville University? Where were you in your life/career when you decided to continue your studies with us? 

A lifelong dream of being a teacher brought me to Yorkville University. I had enjoyed a very successful career as a Change Architect, but somehow felt as though something was missing. If I wanted to teach, I needed a degree. 

2. What made you decide to pursue your studies in Business Administration – Project Management?  

The Business Administration program, specializing in Project Management, was exactly the program I needed to pursue for me to teach business. My career fueled a deep knowledge of business that I wanted to share with students. 

3. What is the most important thing you’re taking away from your studies at Yorkville University?   

My experience studying at Yorkville University reignited my belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. I approached every discussion, assignment, and course with a total commitment to doing my absolute best. I worked hard. I supported my fellow group project members. I showed up, every time.  

4. What are your plans after graduation, both immediate and long term?    

As soon as I finished the BBA program at Yorkville University, I started reaching out to colleagues in my professional network. What would it take to start teaching? Success! After exchanging messages and a few meetings with colleagues, I landed a professor role. This week, I finished my first semester. I plan to teach many more even into retirement from my full-time gig. 

5. If you offered one piece of advice to an incoming student, what would that be? 

Show up! If I could offer one piece of advice to incoming students, it would be to show up. Attack each discussion, assignment, and course with Yorkville University with everything you’ve got. It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to know that you worked hard and succeeded. It provides the fuel to do great things in the future.