Turning Concepts Into Experiences

Over a 11-week period, under the supervision of experienced faculty, students in the Bachelor of Interior Design program transform concepts into experiences.

Students take an industry-standard approach to research, analyze and synthesize design briefs to generate creative and experimental design solutions. They learn to respond to the demands of our ever-changing world by extending the current design thinking and applying it to innovative and functional solutions.The project encourages the application of codes, accessibility, inclusivity and universal design in order to enhance the relationships between people and the built environment.

Student work

Emma Lawrie

Project Title: Lifeline
Project Type: Healthcare/Hospitality
Square Footage: 24,100 Sq. Ft.
Summary: A space within a healthcare facility that has restorative qualities, designed to improve the productivity and physical and mental health of healthcare workers.

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Lindsey Fraser
Project Title: The Habitat LGBTQ+ Centre
Project Type: Healthcare/Hospitality
Square Footage: 30,000 Sq. Ft.
Summary: A haven for those within the LGBTQ+ community to receive affirming care and a sense of community while actively breaking down barriers of discrimination within society.

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Lori Paine

Project Title: Founders Gate
Project Type: Multi-use Suburban Community Facility
Square Footage: 53,643 Sq. Ft.
Summary: A multi-use project that promotes health and wellbeing within the community and supports commerce of local vendors.

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Maha Dahroug

Project Title: The Impact of Interior Design on the Mental Health of Inmates; Improving Reintegration into Society
Project Type: Institutional – Correctional Facility
Square Footage: 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Summary: A humane design that reflects a deep understanding and appreciation of the physical and psychological needs of both inmates and users of the facility.

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Matina Shakir

Project Title: Green Dome- Emergency Shelter Design
Project Type: Moving Spaces
Square Footage: 804 Sq. Ft.
Summary: An innovatively designed disaster relief shelter for areas in the Indonesian sub-continent that are affected by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods & tsunamis.

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Giuseppe Vacca

Project Title: Van Horn Place
Project Type: Entertainment and Wellbeing
Square Footage: 25,000 Sq. Ft.
Summary: Repurpose an abandoned 1918 industrial warehouse located within a residential area and give it back to the community.

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