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Yorkville University provides access to an online library of resources. This includes access to scholarly databases, such as EBSCO and Proquest. Yorkville University also maintains a web portal with links to reputable Internet sources, such as:

  • peer-reviewed open access journals and ebooks
  • statistical sources and government documents
  • professional associations and organizations

Students do not require a special account to access our resources. Once a student has gained a valid user name and password to access Yorkville’s secure online campus, they have automatic access to the databases.

Subject Guides

In addition to Yorkville’s peer reviewed scholarly databases, Yorkville provides subject specific assistance to students in their respective programs. For each subject—Business, Education, Psychology—a web portal of links to reputable information sources is provided. Below are a few examples of the subjects:

Business Annual Reports, Company & Country Information, Research Tutorials, Government sources, Course support
Education Literacy sources, International organizations, statistical sources, ebooks, open access journals
Psychology Blogs, Counselling Journals, Counselling Internet Sites, Professional Associations, Dissertation sources

Student Learning Support

In addition to the database and Internet resources, Yorkville also provides learning support to students in a variety of ways. The Student Online Support (SOS) site provides valuable advice to students on all aspects of academic study, such as managing research, searching for information, and citation styles. The Librarian creates information literacy tutorials specific to Yorkville University needs, but also provides links to other tutorials for improving researching skills. For example, the library provides links to APA citation guides, as well as tutorials for improving searching skills using EBSCO databases.

Bookstore Text Book Issues

Please note, although ebooks are gaining in popularity and their use is more wide spread in universities today, Yorkville University uses a combination of print and electronic text books for course work. Not all publishers offer ebook options of important text books, and some text books allow special access to additional course support ‘only’ by buying the physical, print text book. This means that students will have options to buy ebooks for course work in some courses, but not in all courses. As ebook business models evolve and expand, Yorkville University will continue to integrate ebook options into coursework. Please contact the University Librarian for questions about text books.

Reference & Research Support

The Library is managed by a professionally accredited librarian, Paul J Graham, MA, MLIS. Mr. Graham has over 10 year’s professional experience as a Social Science Librarian and Research Associate.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 506-454-1220 ext. 1302
Skype: “universitylibrarian” for Fredericton, New Brunswick

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