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Academic Calendar

Because Yorkville University is approved as a degree granting university in three provinces of Canada, Yorkville University has three academic calendars. The calendar that is relevant for you depends on the program in which you are enrolled and the province in which the program is designated.

The Academic Calendars provide students with general information like important dates, deadlines, services and policies. It is also a source to find out about regulations such as graduation requirements, codes of conduct and more.

You can also find detailed information about the University programs and course descriptions for all its course offerings.

Please note that it is a student’s responsibility to be aware of all relevant deadlines relating to their program of study.

Download one of Yorkville University’s Academic Calendars by clicking the link below:

Students interested in the BBA in Project Management and the Bachelor of Interior Design through Ontario:

ON 2020 Academic Calendar

Students interested in the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Master of Education and General BBA through New Brunswick:

NB 2020 Academic Calendar

Students interested in the BBA in Project Management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Energy Management through British Columbia:

BC 2020 Academic Calendar

As of March 14, 2018, the Minister’s consents to offer the Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Interior Design were transferred to Yorkville University.  Information about both the Bachelor of Interior Design and the Bachelor of Technology (Electronics Engineering Technology), as these degrees were delivered by RCC Institute of Technology, can be found in this historic RCCIT Academic Calendar for reference during this time of transition.

RCCIT Academic Calendar