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Yorkville University Launches Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree

From teamwork and timelines, to leadership and in-the-know lingo – there’s much knowledge that can augment the career of the creative professional, according to Adam Till. 

Till is the director of Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Creative Arts, a degree completion program aimed at advancing the careers of diploma-holding students who have mastered the practical creative skills associated with a wide range of artistic endeavours by teaching them about leadership and critical thinking in the cultural context of the creative arts.

“All told, it’s meant to be leadership, entrepreneurship, management and project management training for artists – with the unique slant that it’s for students in the creative industries,” Till said of soon-to-be launched degree, noting that it’s a natural next step for graduates of Toronto Film School’s array of diploma programs.

We want them to be able to go into a production company or video game company after graduation and be able to work on projects right away, know the lingo, know how teams work, know what a timeline looks like, and know the corporate realities of working on projects,” Till said.

“We want them to be able set up their own production company and know how to do their own research, how to finance projects, what the realities are for financing creative projects in terms of grants and tax credits and some private financing in certain cases. We want them to be able to actually have these careers that they’re trained for after their diplomas.” 

Offered both online and on campus at Yorkville University/Toronto Film School’s College-Dundas Campus, the Bachelor of Creative Arts was designed as a completion degree program for diploma holders from a wide range of artistic backgrounds – including film and television production, music, dance, theatre, writing, interior design and decorating, video game design, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, animation, and fashion and costume design, among others.  

By teaching those students a breadth of skills – from fundraising and budget planning, to research and critical assessment, to the importance of ethical collaboration and personal accountability – Yorkville University’s five-term Bachelor of Creative Arts will arm them with both the bachelor-level credential and the advanced skills necessary to create their own opportunities in as few as 15 months.  

And that, said Toronto Film School’s Emmy-winning Executive Producer in Residence, is the perfect recipe for a successful career as a leader in the creative industries. 

“The great thing about the Bachelor of Creative Arts program is that it’s going to build on the foundation that you already have – what you’ve already learned in the classroom, what you’ve already experienced on set, and in your experiences creating your own portfolio of work,” said Andrew Barnsley, Executive Producer of CBC’s Schitt’s Creek and CEO of Project 10 Productions.

“You will be getting trained by industry experts who will be there to guide you along the way, who will speak from experience and who will give you the head start you need to build a career in this business.” 

In addition to Till, who will teach the Creative Arts in an Ethical and Legal Context course, other faculty members who have played a part in the development of the Bachelor of Creative Arts curriculum include: 

  • Veteran writer and broadcast journalist Ralph Silva, who will teach the Creative Arts in a Cultural Contest course
  • Victoria Novak, an associate at Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP, who will teach the Managing Talent course
  • Amber Fares, the award-winning documentary filmmaker behind Speed Sisters, who consulted on the Global Perspectives course

“Our degree will be taught by award-winning, industry-active experts who will give you a more complete understanding of the practical side of the creative industries, including film, graphic design, video games and others,” Till said.

What sets Yorkville’s Bachelor of Creative Arts apart from similar offerings at other universities, Till added, is that the majority of its courses are newly developed ones aimed at arming students with the industry-driven skills they need to kick-start their careers in the creative arts industry. 

“Other ‘Creative Industries’ programs that I’ve seen are offered out of larger universities, where you’re encouraged to take elective courses from their different faculties…but it’s not necessarily newly constructed stuff,” explained Till. 

“Yorkville’s Bachelor of Creative Arts is not like that – it’s not a piecemeal, patched together program that jumps between faculties. It’s a new, directed program for creative artists who want to actually make their careers and thrive in the creative industries.” 

Another added bonus of the program for international students is that Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Creative Arts can also serve as a pathway towards a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

“International students can also apply for PGWPs to help achieve their career aspirations right away,” Till said. 

“If you’re ready to unite your creative passions with more professional opportunities, join the Bachelor of Creative Arts program at Yorkville University, where you complete you.” 

Learn more about the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Online Delivery) here and/or the Bachelor of Creative Arts (On-Campus Delivery) here.

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