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MACP Designation

The Minister of Post-secondary Education Training and Labour in New Brunswick has notified Yorkville University that its designation under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act to offer the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) has been renewed through 2024. This designation, issued by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, was granted after a rigorous quality assurance process, conducted for the Minister by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

The designation review process assures that programs authorized under the Degree Granting Act meet the high standards expected of a masters degree program and that the university has the organizational capacity to deliver such a program according to these standards.

Yorkville University remains committed to meeting and exceeding these standards and is particularly proud of recent improvements to the MACP program, improvements that were possible because of the dedication and support of our faculty members, support staff, and, above all, students.

Among the recent improvements to the program are:

  • A highly structured practicum that includes seminars plus self-guided activities. The practicum, by including faculty facilitated online interaction in addition to on-site counselling and supervision, creates unique opportunities for students to develop and improve their competence as counsellors-in-training.
  • An enhanced level of communication and collaboration between faculty and students made possible by new opportunities to interact asynchronously and in real-time using videoconferencing.
  • An enhanced curriculum with new core courses and a range of elective courses, allowing students to pursue an area of interest while completing program requirements. Electives cover the following subject areas: Career and Employment Counselling, Counselling for Health and Wellness, Psychopathology for Counsellors, Developmental Psychology, Addiction Counselling, Counselling Couples and Families, Guidance and Counselling in School Environments. These electives are available to current students, Yorkville MACP alumni, and graduates from other masters programs who are interested in these subject areas.
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