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YU Dance Squad Takes Centre Stage at TD Festival of South Asia

Krupali Patel

The YU Dance Squad took to the stage at the TD Festival of South Asia on July 23-24 and delivered dazzling performances showcasing their exceptional dance skills.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the festival was held at the Gerrard India Bazaar and featured exhilarating dance and musical performances, as well as family-friendly activities and a sensational array of food and drink vendors.

The crowd was enraptured and cheered along as the students performed an explosive non-stop medley of various dance fusions, including Bhangra, Indian Classical, Contemporary Persian, Bollywood Pop, and Garba.

“To represent Yorkville University on one of the grandest stages in GTA was an experience of a lifetime,” beamed Ava Joharian, who performed a Contemporary Persian dance. “It made me feel motivated, elevated and inspired to do so much more!”

“It was a bit of a dream come true to perform and I feel honoured,” exclaimed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student, Rex Ehsaas Madaan, who performed Bhangra, a traditional dance he’s been doing since childhood in Punjab.

“When I was back in India, I would see videos of this festival on Facebook, and then one day performing on that same stage is a big thing, it was amazing,” he reflected, noting that all the long hours of practice he and his fellow dancers put in to prepare for the festival were worth it in the end.

Ava Joharian

“All the hard work we put in paid off!”

Though the students all knew one another prior to joining the YU Dance Squad, they said the deep bond they now share was formed through all the discussions, rehearsals and planning that goes into their performances.

“Our squad is great. We always have each other’s back. I can say it was a pleasure working with all these people and now we are a great group of friends!”

Thanushya Reddy

As the festivities ended, the YU Dance Squad excited the audience by giving out free Yorkville University merchandise. The crowd roared with applause as t-shirts were thrown from the stage into outstretched hands.

“It’s an absolute honour to be a part of Yorkville University,” expressed Madaan. “And I’m so grateful for this opportunity!”

Though the thrill of performing has drawn to a close, the glow of pride remains.

“Dancing has always been my passion,” enthused BBA student, Mahima Kwatra, who danced Bollywood Classical. “I am proud to say I was able perform in front of such a diverse crowd, which included my fellow students and above all, my parents, who were in attendance cheering me on!”

“That moment on stage will be etched on my memory forever.”

Vanshika, Rex, Harjot
YU Dance Squad
Manisha Daroch, Mahima Kwatra, Krupali Patel, Priya Sharma

All photo credit: Ayush Miteshbhai Desai

Instagram: @mr_ayush_om

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