5 Reasons to Pursue a Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy (DCP) Degree from Yorkville University


January 19, 2024

The field of counselling and psychotherapy is experiencing significant growth and transformation. 

According to IBIS World, Canada’s Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centres industry reached $1.9 billion in 2022, growing 1.6% per year on average between 2017 and 2022.

This change is marked by a myriad of emerging trends; most notably, the widespread use of teletherapy and the increase in mental health awareness and acceptance post-pandemic.

In this dynamic environment, advanced education is becoming crucial, especially for those aiming for leadership roles in the field. However, while Master’s and Doctorate degrees are integral to this advancement, many programs have been slow to adapt to these rapid changes.

Yorkville University is at the forefront of this evolution with its Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy degree, which is the first and only program of its kind in Canada.

Here are five key reasons to pursue a DCP degree from Yorkville University.

1. Highest Credential in the Field

The Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy is the highest academic credential available in Canada for counsellors and psychotherapists. 

What does that mean?

The DCP at Yorkville is specialized and exclusively focused on counselling and psychotherapy. Unlike other PhDs, which might cover a broader range of topics within psychology or mental health, this program is tailored to advanced practices, theories, and methodologies within the counselling and psychotherapy disciplines.

Having a specialized doctoral degree like the DCP allows Yorkville graduates to establish themselves as leaders and experts in counselling and psychotherapy, enhancing their credibility and opening doors to senior roles in counselling, private practice, teaching, and supervision. 

2. Flexible Online Delivery

Yorkville’s DCP program can be completed 100% online (through both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities) and features multiple start dates throughout the year in September, May, and January. 

DCP’s flexible schedule allows students to earn their degree in as few as 3.5 years while enabling them to balance school with work and life. This is a notably unique experience in comparison to other Ph.D. programs, which typically require a minimum of four years to complete in addition to in-person commitments. 

Former president of Yorkville University, Dr. Rick Davey, highlighted that DCP’s online delivery exemplifies the university’s dedication to providing education that is “accessible, rigorous and flexible.” 

Overall, this format caters to individuals who:

  1. Aim for professional growth through higher education but may face challenges in attending traditional university settings.
  2. Prefer the flexibility and accessibility of online study, allowing them to balance their education with other commitments more effectively.

3. Applied Scholarship Project

Unlike a traditional dissertation, Yorkville’s doctoral program culminates in an applied research project. This enables students to conduct applied secondary research that is needed to address today’s real-world problems as they relate to counselling and psychotherapy.

Key aspects of DCP’s Applied Scholarship Project include:

  • Preparatory Steps for ASP: Initially, students engage in preparatory activities for the ASP, establishing a solid foundation for their final project early in the program.
  • Ongoing Development and Integration: Concurrently, there is an emphasis on the continuous development and integration of the student’s theory into their practice.
  • Faculty Support and Advisement: Throughout the program, students maintain consistent contact with and receive guidance from their core faculty members, ensuring a guided and supported learning journey.
  • Drafts and Final Defence: In Term 3, students will present and defend their proposal to a panel of examiners; students must pass and receive approval on their proposal before they can continue on with their projects. As the program progresses, students create preliminary drafts of all components of the ASP, leading up to the final presentation and defence of their project.

4. Practitioner-Oriented Skill Development

The DCP program at Yorkville University is designed with a focus on applying their experience and expertise, and developing mentoring, supervision, and leadership skills. 

For example, the curriculum includes courses such as:

  • Advanced Methods in Applied Research: Prepares students for practical application of advanced research methods in counselling and psychotherapy in preparation for their ASP.
  • Advanced Practices in Mental Health Counselling & Psychotherapy: Offers opportunities to build upon current competencies in the field.
  • Doctoral Case Conferences: Facilitate awareness of reflective practice and the development of advanced competencies in practice areas.
  • Supervision: Reviews major theories of supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Overall, DCP is a “practitioner-oriented” degree that incorporates and applies knowledge and leadership directly into its coursework, thus eliminating the need for practicum placements or internships.

5. Professional Networking

Yorkville’s DCP program provides a variety of opportunities for networking and professional development. In fact, relationship-building and collaboration are integral to the program’s design and delivery. 

Here are three ways that the DCP facilitates networking:

  1. Small Class Sizes and Online Delivery: The program’s online delivery and small class sizes facilitate closer interactions and more personalized relationships between students and faculty.
  2. Connection to World-Class Faculty: Students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from world-class faculty, renowned in their respective fields. These connections provide a platform for mentorship, career advice, and professional growth, making them an essential part of the networking experience.
  3. Collaborative Coursework: The program structure promotes networking through various course activities, including teamwork, discussions, and assignments. These activities are designed to build lifelong relationships and professional connections

All in all

To sum up, Yorkville University’s DCP offers several unparalleled advantages, especially for those seeking a practitioner-oriented program that can be completed 100% online. 

It provides students with the highest credentials available in counselling and psychotherapy and features a unique applied research focus, making it an attractive option for those or practicing counsellors ready to advance their careers.

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