MACP Alumnus Ashley Kreze Hosts Private Practice and Hosts TV Talk Show

Alumni Success

October 28, 2016

When Yorkville University Alumna Ashley Kreze started seeing the same questions and concerns bubbling up amongst a certain segment of her clientele it gave her an idea for a television talk show. Now, the show is in its third season and Kreze said it has been a very interesting side project in addition to her professional work in masters counselling online.


Kreze, who lives in Vancouver, started her private practice shortly after graduating from Yorkville University’s Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP). She works with individuals seeking greater fulfillment in their lives and is the Clinical Director of Real Life Counselling a psychotherapy, counselling, and life-coaching boutique.

In 2013 she had been invited onto Rogers Television to be a guest on a couple of different television shows. At the time she was living about an hour north of Toronto.

“Although I always appreciated being a guest I thought the role of being a host was more stimulating for me as I knew it would help me through my own social anxiety but also allow me to create content I felt would be helpful for our viewers,” she said.

So Kreze approached RogersTV about the idea of hosting and producing a show that discusses issues relating to the generation known as Millennials, individuals born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s.
“I fall into the category of Generation Y and I found in my counselling practice I was working with a lot of Generation Yers who were talking about the same issues of lifestyle; struggling with getting a job, still living at home with their parents, wanting kids, not being able to find a partner,” Kreze said. “Even I had experienced some of these themes in my own life.”

RogersTV picked up the idea and It’s All Millennial was born. Kreze filmed the first season in 2014, season 2 in 2015 and recently was back in Ontario to film season 3 of the show. It airs on RogersTV in Peel and even though she has moved out west, she intends to continue with the show when she returns to Ontario.

Each episode addresses a topic important to Millennials and she hosts expert guests who share their opinions as well as people with personal experience related to the topic.

It’s been an interesting side project that Kreze said she has enjoyed taking on since graduating. Kreze graduated from Yorkville in 2009 and explained she was drawn to the course because it was done online and she could continue to work full time to support her educational goals and dreams.

“I feel like the skills that I learned have definitely helped me in private practice and even in my own life,” Kreze said. “I loved the program and highly recommend it to others.”

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