The Ultimate Guide to the Interior Design Show Toronto 2024


November 30, 2023

If you’re an interior designer, decorator, or architect, the Interior Design Show is a must-attend industry event, and it’s returning to Toronto in 2024 with its flagship tradeshow, IDS Toronto.

This year marks the event’s 25th anniversary, which not only stands as a testament to its enduring influence in the global design landscape but also positions it to be one of the most exceptional editions yet. You can expect IDS Toronto 2024 to be a jam-packed show featuring immersive exhibits, industry networking opportunities, and keynote talks from international design leaders. 

If you’re considering attending the show and want to get the most out of your experience, then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide aims to be your go-to source for all aspects of IDS, including the event’s details, exhibitors, and key highlights.

IDS Toronto 2024 Overview

When and Where

IDS Toronto 2024 will take place from January 18th to January 21st at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre‘s North Hall. This location, known for its full-length glass views of the city and its 1980s brutalist structure, has been the venue for many past editions of IDS and has become a true crowd favorite. 

What to Expect

The 25th edition of IDS Toronto is more than just a celebration of the event’s history; it’s a forward-looking show aimed at setting the stage for the future of interior design. 

“Expect leading brands from Canada and the rest of the world; a roster of international guests in design thinking on our keynote stage and in our seminars; and immersive installations to inspire and delight,” said Will Sorrell, National Director, IDS (Toronto & Vancouver) in a recent press release by IDS. 

Exhibitor List 

  • Montauk
  • Obakki
  • Miele
  • ARD Outdoor
  • Fine Lumens
  • House of Rohl
  • Objects & Ideas
  • And many more!

What Makes IDS Toronto Unique?

IDS Toronto stands out as a unique event for several reasons. 

  1. International Engagement: IDS boasts an international roster of design leaders, drawing participants from around the world. In doing so, it offers visitors a rich experience infused with global perspectives on design. 
  2. Immersive Installations: Every year, IDS pushes creative boundaries to present immersive installations that engage visitors and spur inspiration. 
  3. Canadian Design: IDS Toronto also places significant emphasis on celebrating Canadian design. This focus on showcasing the finest in Canadian creativity highlights the country’s contribution to global design, ensuring that local talent gets recognition on the world stage. 

Check out this overview video from the 2023 event:

Key Event Highlights

Opening Night Party

The biggest design party of the year returns to Toronto, and it’s bringing together over 6000 design enthusiasts for a night of networking and entertainment. The party will take place on the opening night of IDS and will feature performances by drag entertainers Miss Moço and Tynomi Banks, and musical performances by DJ Armandd, DJ Phil V, and Ace Dillinger. 

LIV Design Studio

LIV Design Studio celebrates up-and-coming Canadian designers with its ‘The Art Of Outdoor Living’ 2023 Student Design Challenge. The challenge presents an opportunity for these students to present their work – a 188-square-foot patio design – via an Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Future Neighborhood

The Future Neighborhood is an all-new immersive feature for IDS 2024 that has been designed with the purpose of inspiring and stimulating conversation about the importance of design. Six design teams – Interior Architects (IA), Noam Hazan, Safoura Zahedi, SDI Design with Q4 Architects, SVN, and Syllable Design – will be presenting installations all related to the city of Toronto and its distinct neighbourhoods. Visitors will have the chance to walk down Central Street in the Future Neighborhood and visit each installation. 

Studio North 

In Studio North, indie product designers will be exhibiting their custom design creations, including furniture, lighting, glass, textiles, and other objects, all of which will be on display in a beautiful gallery setting. Participants include Alisa McRonald, Modernist Wood, OCH Works, Mark Krebs, and more.

Must-Attend IDS 2024 Talks

The IDS Main Stage presented by Cosentino will host four days of talks from Canadian and international keynote speakers. 

Here are some talks that we can’t wait to catch:

Virtual Gets Practical — How Emerging Tech is Impacting Business: 

Speakers: Andrew Lane and Tessa Bain (Co-Founders, Digby)

This talk explores the practical applications of emerging technologies like AI and how they can be used in the design space to streamline business practices. 

Co-Creation — The Next Level of Collaboration: 

Speakers: Robert Cooper (CEO, Alterra) and Brigitte Shim (Architect, Shim-Sutcliffe Architects)

This session focuses on the power of co-creation as an advanced form of collaboration, using the ACE Hotel as a case study. 

Leading Business and Entrepreneurship in Design

Speakers: Russell Pollard (Founder and Business Consultant, Framework Leadership), Luca Campacci (Co-Founder and Lead Interior Designer, Level Studio), Sonja Scharf (Co-Founder, Akasha Art Projects Inc.), Joanne Lam (Co-Founder, Picnic Design). 

This talk is dedicated to entrepreneurs within the design industry. The panel of speakers will share their own stories about starting their own businesses and offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the design space. 

Collect Like a Curator — Art Collection + Curation: 

Speakers: Grace Zeppilli (Founder, GZ Art Co.), Rachel Elliott (Art Advisor & Principal, Lio Projects), Ashley McKenzie-Barnes (Creative Director and Curator, D.PE Agency), Nuria Madrenas (Founder & Curator, Tacit)

Hosted by Tacit, a women-led art consultancy and gallery, this talk offers guidance and tips for those interested in getting started with art collection and curation​​.

YU’s Premier Showcase at IDS: Our Booth Designed by Emerging Talents

Booth Number 138 awaits your exploration as YU steps into the spotlight at the Toronto Interior Design Show. Witness the collaborative brilliance of BID students Shannon Perry and Salwa Asghar, guided by Program Chair Reem Habib, in crafting a space that seamlessly blends innovation with design expertise.

Stay tuned for an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey as YU unveils a “concept to final result” video post-event, providing insight into the creative process and the journey from imagination to realization. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this milestone moment at the Toronto Interior Design Show.

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