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Globally Recognized Academic Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes Appointed Incoming President of Yorkville University

TORONTO/VANCOUVER/FREDERICTON, June 21, 2021 — Yorkville University today announced the appointment of Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, one of Canada’s leading voices on academic integrity, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, as incoming President.

The Founding Dean of a top-tier purpose-driven Canadian business school, Dr. Christensen Hughes brings 25 years of progressive academic leadership to Yorkville University.

Dr. Christensen Hughes is a university professor, researcher and published author on topics which include employee and student engagement and the importance of strengthening purpose within organizations. Dr. Christensen Hughes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker, having addressed numerous global audiences, including at the United Nations General Assembly regarding the UN’s Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.

“On behalf of the board, our faculty and staff, our students across Canada, as well as those internationally who access our degree programs online, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Dr. Christensen Hughes to Yorkville,” stated Dr. Michael Markovitz, Chairman of the Board of Governors at Yorkville University. “Building upon Yorkville’s considerable educational foundation, we believe Dr. Christensen Hughes embodies the direction and growth we envision and, together with staff and faculty, will truly innovate the future of education.”

In today’s competitive job market, earning a post-secondary credential is more important than ever. Many Canadians find it challenging to pursue undergraduate, masters or doctoral degrees full time while juggling work, family and other obligations. Yorkville University’s model of an accessible and flexible education fulfills a deep social need for working adults, first-generation university students, non-traditional students, those in remote parts of Canada, from marginalized communities and newcomers to Canada. Exceptionally small class sizes (<22 students) provide unparalleled support.

“Yorkville’s approach is rooted in the belief that people from all walks of life should have the opportunity to pursue higher education, determine their purpose in life and make an impact on the world,” said Dr. Christensen Hughes. “Private universities with on-campus as well as purpose-built online, flexible learning options are designed to meet a very important need that will continue to grow.” 

Dr. Christensen Hughes will spend the summer meeting with internal and external stakeholders to better understand and explore ways to enhance program excellence and foster employee engagement to ensure the best possible student experience and outcomes.

“Yorkville’s entrepreneurial orientation provides a tremendous opportunity for pedagogical and curricular innovation to ensure our students acquire transferable skills and essential knowledge needed for success,” added Dr. Christensen Hughes. “I am excited to work with our faculty and staff to ensure the student experience is truly transformative, and to support our students’ aspirations, toward meaningful careers and to make a positive contribution to their communities.”

Part of Dr. Christensen Hughes’s vision is to deepen Yorkville’s relationships with community partners, with the goal of improving student opportunities for work-integrated learning, including internships and co-ops, ensuring a greater degree of experiential learning, integration within the community and improved employment prospects post-graduation.

Yorkville University is on a journey of transformation itself, building upon its leadership in Canadian private education. Last month, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning producer, Andrew Barnsley, was appointed the President of Toronto Film School, part of Yorkville University. 

About Yorkville University

Yorkville University is the largest private university in Canada, with in-person programs at campuses in Toronto, Vancouver and a third location in Fredericton, which delivers online educational programs accessed by Canadians in every corner of the country as well as international students, from over 50 countries. Yorkville provides a diverse offering of professional, career-oriented programs, including diploma programs, undergraduate degrees, masters and a Doctorate of Counselling and Psychotherapy degree. 

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