School/Life Balance Secrets From Bachelor of Business Administration Grad

Alumni Success

August 20, 2015

Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration Degree can be rigorous and require a great deal of time and thoughtful work, but graduate Andy Yim found his stride in the program, was able to successfully complete it while maintaining his hobbies and has since been promoted at work.




Yim was working as an Assistant Product Manager at a local consumers packaged goods company and he was looking to getting a business degree when a friend referred him to Yorkville University. Drawn to the idea of not having to commute to a bricks and mortar school, Yim enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in 2012.


Yim explained throughout his time studying with Yorkville University it was important for him to maintain dedicated time for his sports and photography hobbies.


“That was an important part because stresses from family, work, and continuing education are quite draining,” Yim said. “My usual plan is to try and complete all my readings and assignments by Thursday night / Friday night; leaving myself the entire weekend.”


By his third semester, Yim said he was able to find his comfort zone in terms of balancing school and life and hung onto that approach until the end of the program


“It was a must for me to finish all the readings and assignments required because I did not want to be late, as well as leaving myself the time from weekends to relax,” Yim said.  “The balance from work and one’s life is important, placing that balance into someone’s life when they are working, studying and having some leisure time was extra important.”


Yim said he kept motivated throughout the program by looking at the schedule and knowing he was getting closer and closer to the finish line.  Also the sense of accomplishment each semester ended, looking at the grades he received for each class, provided a good source of motivation.


“My way of finding the balance may not be suitable for everyone, but finding the balance for yourself is important,” Yim said. “Take some time in the first few weeks to explore and if you believe you found the “way”, stick to it and do not let up.”


Yim graduated in December of 2014 and has since been promoted to Product Manager at the current company he works for.


“The materials I learned from the BBA certainly provided help and different perspective, more on the management side, at work,” Yim said. “It also allowed me to see where I would like to move further in terms of my future career.”