Ambrose, Yorkville Universities Agree to New Master of Education Pathway


January 10, 2022

FREDERICTON, NB and CALGARY, AB, Jan. 10, 2022 – Ambrose University and Yorkville University today announced an agreement that provides a pathway for Ambrose graduates to parlay their leadership studies into a Master of Education degree at Yorkville. 

Under the terms of this new partnership, students who complete Ambrose’s Leadership Certificate program will not only be eligible to apply for transfer credits, but also a 20 per cent bursary toward an online Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree at Yorkville University. 

In a joint statement, Dr. Sherry Martens, Associate Dean of Ambrose’s School of Education, and Dr. Ellyn Lyle, Dean of Yorkville’s Faculty of Education, lauded the mutually beneficial merits of the newly announced agreement. 

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership to provide financial bursary and credit transfer pathway to Ambrose students seeking to complete a Master of Education degree with Yorkville University,” the statement reads. 

“This speaks to our confidence in the academic quality of each other’s educational institution, as well as our confidence in our shared students.”

About Ambrose University

In addition to training leaders for ministry, Ambrose University offers accredited degrees in Arts & Science, Education, and Business. Its Seminary offers graduate-level degrees and programs in Ministry, Theology and Biblical studies. These disciplines are united by the quest for knowledge, wisdom, virtue, and service.

About Yorkville University 

Yorkville University is the largest private university in Canada, with in-person programs at campuses in Toronto and Vancouver, and a campus in Fredericton that delivers online educational programs accessed by Canadians in every corner of the country, as well as international students from more than 50 countries. Yorkville provides a diverse offering of professional, career-oriented programs, including diploma programs, undergraduate degrees, masters and a Doctorate of Counselling and Psychotherapy degree. 

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