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The Jacob Markovitz Memorial Scholarship

In memory of their father, Michael C. Markovitz, Ph.D. and Lawrence J. Markovitz, M.D. established the Jacob Markovitz Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1987. Throughout his life, Jacob Markovitz followed the Biblical injunction of charity and showing kindness to strangers. We are delighted that funds are available at Yorkville University to carry on this good work. Throughout the years, these scholarships have supported many graduate students in the helping professions at a number of academic institutions.

The Jacob Markovitz Memorial Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that is available to new students entering their first trimester of study in a graduate program at Yorkville University . The equivalent of one scholarship will be awarded in each graduate program in each academic trimester; and will be the equivalent to one year of full tuition. The decision about the scholarship will be made at the beginning of the applicants’ second trimester; all applicants will be informed of the decision at that time.

All students with Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status in Canada who have submitted a complete application to a graduate program at Yorkville University are eligible to apply. Please note the following rules which must be followed in order to apply for a scholarship.

Applications for the scholarship may be completed only after a completed application for admission to a graduate program at Yorkville University is submitted to the Admissions Committee of the relevant Faculty.
Applicants must apply at the beginning of their program for this scholarship. The scholarship is not available to current students.
To apply, complete and return the following application form with a personal statement about your need and your academic plans, and any supporting documents:

Scholarship Application Form 2017

The scholarship application, personal statement, and supporting documents should be sent to:

Jacob Markovitz Memorial Scholarship
Yorkville University
Yorkville Landing, Suite 102
100 Woodside Lane
Fredericton, NB
E3C 2R9
or faxed to 1-506-454-1221

Completed scholarship applications must be submitted no later than the first week of courses in the applicant’s entering trimester. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates. All applicants will receive official notification of the committee’s decision by the end of your entering trimester. If you are granted a scholarship:

you are required to substantiate need by submitting a copy of the previous year’s Revenue Canada Tax Assessment.
you must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in each trimester of your first year in the program.
if you have been admitted conditionally, you must fulfill the specified conditions by the end of your entering trimester.
you must register as a full-time student in each trimester of your first year in the program.

Scholarship funds will be applied towards your tuition fees beginning in trimester 2, and continue for future trimesters until the full value of your award has been applied. Scholarships will only be applied towards tuition and will not be disbursed in cash.

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