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Canadian Forces Bursary

Yorkville University values your service to the country, and the sacrifices made by you and your family. As a means of honouring your efforts, we offer current and former Canadian Forces members and their families unique benefits to advance their career or transition to the civilian workforce. You can study full-time or part-time, on-campus in Toronto or Vancouver, or online from anywhere in Canada and around the world.



  • Anyone who is currently serving in the Canadian Forces is eligible for a 25% tuition bursary.
  • Anyone who has served for more than 2 years is eligible for a 25% tuition bursary
  • Anyone currently employed by Military Family Resource Centres is eligible for a 15% tuition bursary.
  • Children and spouses of all those eligible (listed above) are eligible for a 15% tuition bursary.

These bursaries, like all bursaries, cannot be received in conjunction with any other bursaries offered by Yorkville University.

*While common-law relationships and step-parenting relationships will be honoured, proof of spousal relationship will be required. Proof of family connections will be required for all recipients.

** Proof of active service or history of service is required.



University Credit for Military Training 

Yorkville University recognizes the training, critical-thinking skills, leadership and real-life experiences of Canadian Forces members. Canadian Forces members applying to Yorkville University are eligible for a significant transfer of credit from military training that is applied towards their BBA. Using the National Advanced Placement and Prior Learning (N-APPL) portal, students are able to have their military credit conveniently assessed, so they can graduate sooner and lower their overall tuition.

Click here to learn more about the N-APPL assessment


Military Deployment Policy

Canadian Forces members who cannot finish a course* due to deployment can use tuition credits from that course towards future credits without penalty. Also, students unable to finish a course due to deployment will not be assigned a “withdrawn” or “failed” status on the course but will be granted an opportunity to retake the course with a clean transcript.

* Tuition paid for the course(s) will be credited to their next course(s) of study when they return from deployment. The tuition credit will take into account any refunds issued for the impacted course(s). 


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