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February 2019

Top Five Tips for Using the Yorkville Library: By Paul Graham

For students who are new to online learning, finding and navigating an online library may be somewhat daunting.  However, the same as other universities, Yorkville University provides access to librarians for helping you with many academic challenges.  In this article, our University Librarian, Paul Graham, shares his top five recommendations for succeeding in your research.

Meet Yorkville University’s Chair of the Bachelor of Interior Design Program

Yorkville's Chair of the Bachelor of Interior Design, Sheri Crawford brings many years' experience to the role, both as an instructor and as a successful practising Interior Designer. She is also an alumni of the program. Read more about Sheri here.

Guest Post: MACP Alumnus Schlomo Radcliffe Reviews Fellow Graduate Juliann Rasanayagam’s Book “DIY Anger Kit”

In this article, one MACP alumnus offers a review of fellow alumnus,  Juliann Rasanayagam's new book, "DIY Anger Kit".