Yorkville’s Career Services Team Announces Exciting New Webinars for Fall


September 20, 2021

Yorkville University’s Career Services team is set to launch its latest series of webinars aimed at teaching students those ever-important, post-graduation job search skills.

Career Services promo for fall webinars

“These career development workshops will help students and graduates to learn a range of skills that can help them be more successful with job searching and establishing themselves in the corporate world,” said Linda Folster, one of Yorkville’s Career Advisors. 

By participating in the webinars, students gain access to resources and tips on topics such as professional network building, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, as well as hidden job markets. 

Webinar attendees will also have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Career Services team, the members of which are available to provide individualized, one-on-one support to help students in their transition to new and exciting careers after graduation.

This term’s Career Services webinars will take place as follows: 

Career Services Presents: Get into the Yes Pile! Resumes, Cover Letters, and References That Sell You

On average, employers spend five seconds looking at your resume for the first time; recruiters care more about cover letters in these pandemic times and once you do get a tentative job offer, reference checks can make or break whether a firm offer materializes.

In this webinar, hosted by Linda Folster, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach to laser-target your written promotional materials by using powerful language that maximizes your chances of getting screened in. This includes selecting a resume style that sells you best, writing cover letters that show your personality and job fit and choosing references who support you and know you best.

Career Services Presents: Finding Work by Building Professional Relationships

Most people believe that searching for a job online is the best way to find work, however studies show that this has the lowest success rate, and that other strategies focused on building relationships are far more effective. This webinar, hosted by Natalia Markman, outlines a variety of ways to use networking to generate job leads, including the importance of informational interviews and various approaches to reach out to new contacts.

Career Services Presents: Learning About Careers in Your Field

Many jobs are never advertised. This is known as “the hidden job market.” In this webinar, hosted by Alexei Varakin, you will learn the variety of strategies employers use to find candidates, and how you can match their approach when you are seeking to explore careers and learn about employers. You’ll also discover what is meant by “the labour market,” why it’s important to your career exploration, where you can find information relevant to the jobs that interest you, and how to use this information in making important decisions. The final topic is building your professional network, because it’s the connections you make as opposed to the postings you find that can open the most interesting opportunities.

Career Services Presents: Ace the Interview!

On average, it takes 10 job interviews to land a job offer. When you have a great interview, feel excited about the possibilities, and imagine yourself in the job – only to discover that they hired someone else – it can be devastating. It’s important to think about not just your experience as a candidate, but also understand what employers are up against. In this webinar, hosted by Linda Folster, we examine why employers ask certain questions. If you understand their motives, this will help you develop meaningful answers. You’ll learn about the 3 stages of interviewing, interview formats, and how to handle difficult questions and illegal ones. Plus, you’ll learn how set up mock interviews to practice and get feedback from a Career Advisor.