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President’s Message

Innovation in Education for Canada

For fifteen years Yorkville University has been serving students who have a purpose.  We celebrate these graduates: the ones who earned a degree and a promotion, the ones who earned a degree for professional growth or to change their careers.  And we celebrate all those who fulfilled their passions. We celebrate, knowing that the success of our students and alumni accelerates the University’s growth and success.

Yorkville University now operates in three provinces—New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia–and has consents to offer bachelors and masters degree programs in psychology, education, business and design.  These programs are delivered online, using learning technologies that allow you to study from anywhere at any time.  You can also choose a delivery model that best suits your circumstance: an accelerated program, on-campus delivery at one of urban campuses in Toronto and Vancouver.  You can choose to study on-campus, online or a combination.

Each of Yorkville University’s programs has been designed with input from employers and regulators or accreditors to provide rigorous, practitioner-oriented education.  Programs are also designed to transition you into the demands of degree studies.  Courses provide structure and support.  Faculty are experienced educators and practitioners who care about their students and who know how to create a learning community.  Academic support and advising are available to help you to achieve your purpose.

We know that your university needs to be flexible so that you can manage home and work and life commitments.  At Yorkville University, you can start and continue your program throughout the year.  You are not penalized for taking a term or session off and you can resume your studies at any time during the year.  Program advisors are in place to provide advice and support.

We always strive to provide responsive and valued service, from your first contact with an admissions advisor, through your course of studies and eventually with our alumni community and a national network of students faculty and alumni.   So, take some time to explore how your ambitions and circumstances align with Yorkville University’s mission, programs, delivery options and student support.  After you have explored the website, I invite you to contact an Admissions Advisor who will ask you about your purpose.

Rick Davey, Ed.D.
Yorkville University

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