YU Students Can Warm Up To The Winter Term With Fun Virtual Activities


January 14, 2022

Yorkville University students are being urged to “warm up” to student life this winter term by participating in an exciting slate of fun virtual activities. 

Beginning on Jan. 18 until March 12, Yorkville’s Student Life team has planned out a schedule of four weekly sessions designed to engage and entertain students every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

“Now more than ever, it is important for all of us to unite, engage, inspire and above all, enjoy one another,” said Ali Noor, Yorkville University’s Student Life Coordinator. 

“Student Life activities provide an opportunity for you to do just that – all the while connecting with your fellow students, faculty and staff members and creating new and everlasting friendships along the way.” 

Virtual meeting Zoom screen share

Let’s Talk Tuesdays 

Every Tuesday, the Student Life team engages students in a fun, open discussion on a wide variety of both thought- and passion-provoking topics. Whether you want to join in on the discussion or be part of the audience, you will have the best seat in the ‘virtual’ house. The session concludes with an exciting Kahoot trivia session on movies, TV shows and much more. Prizes will be awarded to students for their outstanding participation in the week’s discussion (voted by the audience) and to the weekly Kahoot trivia winner. 

Dates: Every Tuesday from Jan. 18 to March 8

Time: 9 p.m. (EST)

Click HERE to register for any of the following sessions:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 18 | Talking Friends: Can life be meaningful without friends? (Kahoot trivia on F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
  • Tuesday, Jan. 15 | Talking TV Shows: Breaking down Cobra Kai seasons 1-4 (Kahoot trivia on Karate Kid and Cobra Kai)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 1 | Talking MAGIC: Does magic exist? (Kahoot trivia on Harry Potter)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 8 | Talking Movies: If I could star in a movie, it would be… (Kahoot trivia on movies)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 15 | Talking the Power of Love: Do soulmates exist? (Kahoot trivia on Valentine’s Day)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 22 | Talking Social Media: Has social media been a net positive or a net negative for our society? (Kahoot Trivia on social media platforms)
  • Tuesday, March 1 | Talking Cars: How different do you think cars of the future will be? (Kahoot trivia on The Fast & the Furious franchise)
  • Tuesday, March 8 | Talking Dreams: Can dreams be associated with the unforeseen future? (Kahoot trivia on horror movie characters)
Kahoot trivia slide of Anime characters

Global Wednesdays

This weekly session is dedicated to Yorkville University’s global students (those currently studying abroad), but open to all students, regardless of current location. Every Wednesday, these fun activity-based Student Life sessions will provide participating students with an opportunity to engage with classmates and senior students through a variety of fun discussion topics, games and contests decided via a popular vote. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, get to know one another and showcase your hidden (and not-so-hidden) talents. 

Dates: Every Wednesday from Jan. 20 to March 9

Time: 12 p.m. (EST) 

Click HERE to register

Yorkville student strumming guitar

Game Night Thursdays

Ready, Get Set, Go! These exciting Thursday game night sessions feature a range of our students’ all-time favourites – from charades and musical statures, to drama skits and scavenger hunts. Co-hosted by members of the Student Council, expect nothing short of high-octane energy during these fun Game nights. Prizes will be awarded to the game night winner and runner up.

Dates: Every Thursday from Jan. 20 to March 10

 Time: 9 p.m. (EST)

Click HERE to register for any of the following sessions:

  • Thursday, Jan. 20 | Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Your host will list a variety of everyday items (ie bottle of shampoo, pen), and the first participant to retrieve it LIVE scores a point. The person with the highest number of points at the end the of night is declared the winner.  
  • Thursday, Jan. 27 | Family Feud (Professors vs Students): Our version of the hit TV show, in which teams battle to identify the top 5 responses to popular questions/situations.
  • Thursday, Feb. 3 | Charades: Participants will be given prompts to act out, while their teammates try to guess what it is. Remember time is of the essence. Most correct guesses = winner.
  • Thursday, Feb. 10 | Music Challenge (Music & Dance Club): This game features a variety of different rounds, including Guess This Song and Musical Statues. It also pits our amazing musical artists in a friendly contest to determine the most outstanding performer of the night, as selected by the audience. 
  • Thursday, Feb. 17 | Drama Skits (Drama Club): YUEngageNow returns with another round of the popular game, Act It Out! A variety of skits and scenarios will be given for individuals and teams to present.
  • Thursday, Feb. 24 | The ‘Unusual’ Suspects: At the start of the game in each round, a ‘mastermind’ role is assigned to an individual. Everyone must gather to identify the mastermind. The player who survives the longest without being identified, walks away with the win and the prize of the night. 
  • Thursday, March 3 Meme This: Get your creative juices flowing as we show you a variety of pictures, while you come up with a caption to create your own MEME! Winners are voted by the audience.
  • Thursday, March 10 Art Battle  (Arts Club): We conclude the term with an Art Battle, where participants will be given a theme to draw on and the audience selects the best creation. 
Yorkville University virtual art battle

Social Gaming Saturdays

Hosted by Senior Student Council Member Anthony Armstrong (Captain Sparrow) every Saturday Evening, this live session via Twitch provides a fun escape into the world of simple, free-to-play social games. No game purchases needed, play live and free through your mobile browser or a second browser window. Prizes will be awarded to the YU/TFS Winner of the Night!

Dates: Every Saturday from Jan. 22 to March 12

Time: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. (EST)

Access Link: https://www.twitch.tv/bonez9oh5

WhatsApp Group Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K6dAmv8hQRu5ji9J2J0cVm

For more information, be sure to follow @YUEngageNow on Instagram and join the YUEngageNow group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/yuengagenow