YU International Students Invited to Devant’s Upcoming ‘Get Hired At Home’ Virtual Career Expo


September 14, 2022

Yorkville University has officially launched its new partnership with Devant – a career planning platform designed to help international students and alumni showcase their skills and experiences in the Canadian job market. 

“It’s a fantastic site that was developed by career professionals who were once international students, themselves, so we’re very excited about this launch,” said Linda Folster, Yorkville’s Director of Career Services. 

As members of Devant, Folster said Yorkville University students have now been granted access to a whole host of Devant-hosted events – and just in time for the platform’s upcoming Get Hired at Home virtual career development expo, taking place online on Tuesday, Sept. 27 and Thursday, Sept. 29. 

The event, which is designed to help talented international students and alumni to stay, work and succeed in Canada, combines proven career development workshops with an AI-driven interactive networking expo, so that attendees can connect with Canadian companies from coast to coast on any device. 

The expo kicks off on Sept. 27 with a Pre-Event Prep Workshop hosted by Devant’s career coach, who will be sharing the latest virtual networking and interviewing tips. Students are urged to attend this event to prep themselves on how to make a great first impression on the expo’s participating employers. 

The Virtual Hiring Expo will follow two days later on Sept. 29, when students will be invited to explore 20+ virtual booths and 50+ job opportunities. They will also have access to Devant’s live networking café to connect with other attendees, coaches and employers, as well as bite-size career development videos, and free resume critiques. 

Click HERE to register for the Get Hired at Home expo today!

Linda Folster, Director of Career Services

Other Devant Events & Services

In addition to the expo, Folster said Yorkville University’s international students will also have access to Devant’s slate of other events and services. 

“Another type of event they host is expert panels, featuring employers representing industries that our international students might be interested in working in,” she explained. 

“There’s also a Job Search Master Class that offers everything from A to Z with respect to job searches. Students who complete it earn a certificate, and they can earn one in Canadian Workplace Culture, too.” 

Devant’s immigration lawyer, Ziah Sumar, is available to answer students’ immigration questions during live immigration Q&A events, and there is also a Facebook community and a job board. 

“And best of all, students have 24/7 access Devant, which is fantastic because oftentimes our international students are very busy with their studies and managing working and volunteering and so on,” she said.

“This way, they have access to the resources they need, whenever they need them.”

If you are a Yorkville University international student and you would like to register for Devant, contact Career Services here.