YU Webinars Help Students Transition to Exciting Careers After Graduation

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January 11, 2021

For most people, career planning isn’t something that comes naturally. It not only involves learning a wealth of information, but also developing a whole new set of skills. 

To help Yorkville University students gain those ever-important, post-graduation job search skills, the university’s Career Services team has developed an ongoing series of webinars aimed at teaching them a wide range of skills to help them establish themselves in the corporate world. 

“As you near the completion of your degree, the culmination of all your hard work will be to land your first professional job,” said Linda Folster, one of Yorkville’s Career Advisors. ​

“This requires a lot of hard work, and these Career Services webinars will help you begin to build a foundation of knowledge that will form the basis of your skill development and job search strategy.” 

By participating or viewing these webinars students gain access to resources and tips on topics such as interview preparation, resume writing and personal branding, as well as identifying and eliminating gaps in their professional preparation. 

Webinars allow viewers to become better acquainted with the Career Services team, the members of which are available to provide individualized, one-on-one support to help students in their transition to new and exciting careers after graduation.

You can now view the series in its entirety on YouTube : 

  • The Career Wheel: Exploring the Fit Between You and Your Career Choice – Part 1

You’ve chosen your program of study, so you may think you have completed your career exploration. Nothing could be further from the truth! There may still be career paths to explore and decisions to be made about your future. The first step in any career exploration process is to know yourself. Amundson and Poehnell’s Career Wheel provides a backdrop for exploring eight dimensions that both influence and are influenced by your career decisions. At the center, Career Alternatives are all the careers that you might be considering. This webinar covers Part 1 of “The Wheel”, an examination of internal factors, including skills, interests, values, and personal style.  It is recommended to complete both parts 1 and 2.

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  • Finding Work by Building Professional Relationships

Most people believe searching for a job online is the best way to find work, however studies show that this has the lowest success rate and that other strategies focused on building relationships are far more effective. This webinar outlines a variety of ways to use networking to generate job leads – including the importance of information interviews and various approaches to reach out to new contacts. You’ll also learn about the range of skills employers are looking for during COVID-19, and how, by using the recommended strategies to foster new relationships, you can develop skills to find work during the pandemic and beyond.

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  • Ace the Interview!

On average, it takes 10 job interviews to lead to a job offer.  When you have a great interview, feel excited about the possibilities, and imagine yourself in the job – only to discover that they hired someone else – this can be devastating.  It’s important to think about not just your experience as a candidate, but also understand what employers are up against.  In this webinar, we examine why employers ask certain questions.  If you understand their motives, this will help you develop meaningful answers.  You’ll learn about the 3 stages of interviewing, interview formats, and how to handle difficult questions and illegal ones.  Plus, you’ll learn how set up mock interviews to practice and get feedback from a Career Advisor.

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  • Exploring Careers During COVID-19

When there is a recession, the labour market is scarred for years afterwards. This is discouraging for new grads. It’s important to remember that COVID-19 is also creating opportunities that didn’t exist before. In times like these, it’s best not to have a fatalistic mindset about career choices, but rather be adaptable and open your mind to possibilities. Instead of asking ‘What job do I want to do after graduation?’, ask yourself questions like ‘Who do I want to serve? What problems do I want to solve? What’s important to me?’ Then start finding multiple ways to build connections. This webinar will help you learn to network during COVID-19, to help with decision making while also generating leads.

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  • Managing Your Online Presence in Your Job Search

Establishing a strong online presence, using the right social media platforms, and avoiding pitfalls that can hurt your chances are important parts of job search. Seventy per cent of employers check social media profiles, so a poor online presence can disqualify you. Within a job search, it’s crucial to understand how employers might view your content, and how privacy settings should be used. A successful online presence also includes creating and managing your personal brand. Professionally, your personal brand is the image that people see of you. This webinar covers what to pay attention to and how to stand out professionally in your online presence versus what to avoid so you don’t get screened out.

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  • Get into the “Yes” Pile! Resumes, Cover Letters, and References That Sell You

Employers spend five seconds looking at your resume the first time; recruiters care more about cover letters now than before the pandemic; and once you have a tentative job offer, reference checks can make or break whether a firm offer materializes. In this webinar, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach to laser target your written promotional materials, using powerful language that maximizes your chances of getting screened in. This includes selecting a resume style that sells you best, writing cover letters that show your personality and job fit, and choosing references who support you and know you best.

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For the full playlist of previous Career Services webinars, visit the Yorkville University YouTube page here.