Yorkville University Stands in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Hate


March 30, 2021

Incidents related to anti-Asian prejudice and hatred are sadly on the rise in Canada and the United States, especially after the recent tragedy in Atlanta, Georgia in which eight people were murdered, including six Asian-American women. Yorkville University stands in solidarity with individuals of Asian descent against all forms of anti-Asian discrimination, harassment and violence against women. 

Creating safe spaces to discuss issues that are important to our students, faculty and staff is a priority of Yorkville University’s new proposed Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. We welcome all members of our community to express themselves with respect to how these incidents affect them and how we as a community can become better allies in the fight against racism and hatred. 

Please feel free to bring any concerns related to strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion at our institutions to any of the relevant Yorkville University Diversity Advisory Council members so that we may work together to ensure that all members of our community feel safe and welcome. 

We invite all members of our community to take some time to familiarize themselves with the following educational materials raising awareness about anti-Asian hate incidents and confronting racism in Canada:

Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

Fight COVID Racism 


Project 1907

For any of our students, staff and/or faculty who may be experiencing distress and challenges during this time, there are support services available to assist. Please feel free to contact the necessary resources below: 

As a community, let us commit to confronting anti-Asian racism and all forms of racism. 

Yours Sincerely,

Rick Davey

President, Yorkville University