Yorkville Brings Bachelor of Business Administration to British Columbia

BBA On Campus

August 20, 2015

Yorkville University is delighted to announce it has received consent to operate in British Columbia and offer focused business programs, designed to directly support the economy there.

“We are excited about being part of BC’s post-secondary education sector and contributing to the province’s bright economic future,” said Dr. Rick Davey, President of Yorkville University.

Established in New Brunswick in 2003, Yorkville University delivers practitioner-oriented master and bachelor level degree programs in Counselling Psychology, Education and Business Administration.

Now, Yorkville University has received consent in BC to offer the Bachelor of Business Administration, with new specializations in Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Energy Management.

“We believe that our applications-oriented BBA specializations, especially in Energy Management and Supply Chain Management, will support the LNG sector and appeal to working adults who wish to advance their career opportunities,” Dr. Davey said.

Dr. Rick Davey, President of Yorkville University

Initial intakes into the BBA will be for study online with the plan in place to eventually open a Yorkville University campus in BC.

“This opens up a lot of opportunity for individuals to get into a program that will allow them to select from four very appealing specializations,” said Ron McDonald, Vice President, Academics at Yorkville University. “So, you have the Bachelor of Business Administration that gives you all of the benefit of a general BBA, and then allows to you specialize, depending on your interests.”

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