Yorkville University Announces the Launch of a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Through Online Delivery

Student Stories

April 29, 2012

Written by Moe Kamal

On April 29, 2012, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, Graydon Nicholas, granted Yorkville University consent to offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) through online delivery.

The Bachelor of Business Administration will immediately begin enrolling for its first class which is scheduled to start in Fall 2012. The program’s innovative design, accessible delivery model and socially conscious treatment of business principles make Yorkville University’s BBA stand out as an exceptional pathway for modern working adults looking to advance their careers or launch their businesses.

Innovative Admissions Policies that Recognize Previous Study: Yorkville University recognizes BBA students’ prior education. Yorkville University’s BBA is designed for students who have graduated from a two or three year diploma or a degree in any discipline. These students have already completed focused, skills-based programs and come to the program with applied proficiencies. Yorkville University recognizes the work these students have already completed and allows them to complete a bachelor’s degree in business without having to start all over again.

Graduates of recognized two and three year diploma programs may be able to complete the program within two or three years. Graduates of degree programs or business diplomas may receive additional transfer credits and complete the program in even less time.

Innovative Delivery: Yorkville University’s BBA students are connected to each other. Yorkville University’s approach to online learning is designed to engage students in their learning by encouraging interaction between students as well as between students and faculty. Students are not merely left on their own with a tutor to guide them through a learning package.

Yorkville University students develop strong networks for learning through small classes, expert faculty and technology that accommodates meaningful interactions. As soon as they log into their first class they also start building a network of potential business partners, employers, and mentors, who can help them do business anywhere they go.

Innovative Design: Yorkville University BBA students are connected to the real world. The Yorkville BBA program breaks new ground by integrating students’ previous post-secondary studies and work experiences into their business studies.

Because many of Yorkville University’s students keep their jobs while they study, they are able to apply theoretical frameworks of business administration disciplines to real professional contexts.

Unlike many other online business administration programs, the Yorkville BBA program imbeds “Apply and Integrate” courses into its design. These courses bridge the gap between academic theory and applied business. The core business courses are based on AACSB curriculum standards. These core business courses conclude with capstone courses in business strategy and small business and entrepreneurship.

As a result, Yorkville University BBA students graduate not only well versed in theoretical business concepts and skills but also experienced in applying these concepts and skills to real-world contexts.

Innovative and Progressive Content: Yorkville University’s BBA students are socially conscious. Students who study in Yorkville University’s BBA program are exposed to contemporary ideas about the role of business in modern society and the globalization of business activities. Because many businesses today are conducted in a cross-border environment, Yorkville University’s program promotes sensitivity to a variety of cultures, religions, and ideas about how business should be conducted.

Courses such as Ecosystem and Human Activity, World Economics Geography, Macroeconomics in a Global Context and International Business Environment add a contemporary component to this program that is often missing in other BBA programs.

Through engaging in a curriculum that reflects the world in which they work and do business, graduates of Yorkville University’s BBA program are well prepared to work within the richness and complexity of modern life.

About Yorkville University:

Yorkville University is located in Fredericton New Brunswick. Since 2004, it has operated as a designated university under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act. It offers a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, a Master of Education in Adult Education and a Bachelor of Business Administration. All programs are delivered through online technologies.

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