UPS and Yorkville Team up to Help Employees Succeed With a BBA

Student Stories

March 16, 2015

Written by Erin Hatfield

At UPS Canada educating employees is seen as a win-win, benefiting both the employee and the business.

“We want to make sure people are striving to evolve both personally and professionally,” explained Taylor Kopachynski, the Manager of Learning and Development at UPS Canada. “When someone has a strong educational background, we know it supports the internal processes and will be a better support to our business and our customers.”

Kopachynski explained the company places a great deal of value on education and encourages employees to pursue a higher level of learning and UPS Canada stands behind this emphasis by offering employees assistance in furthering their education with the UPS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

In fact, in his State of the Union Address earlier this year, President Obama praised UPS in the United States for its programs to train and educate workers.

“The goal always has been to support individuals in getting, at minimum, a post secondary degree,” Kopachynski said. “We understand that through supporting our employees in pursuing that degree we strengthen our business over all. Well rounded employees are great employees.”

Recently, UPS Canada teamed up with Yorkville University, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, to help make it easier for UPS employees enhance their education and elevate their careers with Yorkville’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).ups_14_logo_lg_rgb

“Yorkville is an institution that we already have UPSers studying in the BBA and it came very highly regarded by those employees,” Kopachynski said.

The BBA at Yorkville University is offered entirely online, which allows students to continue to work while pursuing their degree. The program is rooted in fundamental and traditional business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance and marketing, with a focus on the role that ethics, effective decision-making, and leadership play in the management of successful business operations.

“Ultimately the program is just a really well thought-out and holistic program that our employees can really benefit from,” Kopachynski said. “All of these things were factors in why we thought Yorkville was such a fantastic institution to move forward with.”

For it’s part, Yorkville University is offering a number of benefits to employees of UPS Canada who enroll, including waiving the $75 application fee and the $300 Registration Fee.

Yorkville is also waiving the Leave of Absence fee when a busy workload results in time away from studies.

Kopachynski explained that UPS Canada often struggles with higher learning institutions that aren’t flexible in their approach to accommodating UPS employees work schedule, so Yorkville University’s agreement to wave fees when UPSers need to take time off due to workload was a big factor in the company’s decision to team up with the school.

“One of the challenges we faced was we have a peak season, generally holiday shipping time, when it is all hands on deck,” Kopachynski explained. “So, to find a higher learning institution that accommodates that schedule was a primary concern for us.”

Yorkville, she said, also developed a plan to help employees of UPS Canada take the most advantage out of the tuition benefits UPS is able to offer. UPS employees benefit from a 13.3% tuition bursary, which is applied to all successfully completed courses.

“We are going to have some very interested employees,” Kopachynski said. “They value self development and the fact that it will parlay into their professional careers makes it that much better.”

Walter Lee, the Vice President of Marketing and Admissions at Yorkville University said the partnership between UPS Canada and Yorkville University, and in particular the Business Administration Faculty, makes perfect sense, because Yorkville University’s mission is to provide accessible education opportunities to working adults.

“Yorkville University is honoured to be the preferred university of UPS Canada, a company that demonstrates its commitment to its employees by investing in their personal and professional development,” Lee said.

UPS employees can click here for more information.