In Conversation: Adult Education Alumni Share Thoughts on Their Paths to Success

Alumni Success

November 27, 2018

Written by Moe Kamal

Two years after graduating from Yorkville University’s  Master of Education in Adult Education (MEAE), healthcare workers and friends Erin Courtney and Maricia Silvera-Batson are seeing the return on their educational investment.  Erin is enrolled in a Ph.D. program, and Marcia is using the knowledge she gained in her MEAE to mentor and inspire her colleagues, and move up in her career.

Recently, the two women, who met during the Yorkville University’s  Master of Education in Adult Education program and became fast friends, sat down with Alumni Relations Coordinator, Yolande Clark, to talk about how the Master of Education in Adult Education enriched their perspective on life and expanded their career horizons. In the following videos, Erin and Maricia discuss the reasons behind their choice to pursue their MEAE degrees at Yorkville University, what sets Yorkville apart from other institutions, their personal strategies for productivity and time management, the challenges of pursuing a master’s degree while navigating full-time work and family life, and more.


How Relevant is the Yorkville University MEd.?

In this episode of Yorkville University In Conversation, Maricia and Erin talk about the tangible skills gained in their studies, that were immediately applicable to their working lives in the healthcare field.

YU’s MEd to Elevate Your Healthcare Career

Erin and Maricia are both nurses, working in Ontario, Canada.  In this episode, the two talk about how the MEAE impacted their careers and opened doors for them to pursue new and meaningful avenues.

Yorkville MEd, a Step Towards a PHd

Yorkville University’s  Master of Education in Adult Education can be a fantastic foundation for going on to pursue a doctoral degree. In this episode of Yorkville University’s In Conversation, graduate Erin Courtney talks about how much she loved her experience of completing her Masters, and how the MEAE set the stage for her to pursue her Ph.D.


How to Manage Time While Completing an Online Masters at Yorkville?

We all struggle with juggling full-time work, family commitments and all the responsibilities adults face. Adding the pursuit of a Master’s degree on top of that can seem overwhelming. In this episode of Yorkville University In Conversation, Maricia and Erin talk about how they managed to complete Yorkville University’s very rigorous and challenging Master of Education in Adult Education—and to thrive while doing so.


Why a Master of Education From Yorkville?

Why would you want a Master’s degree if you already have an established career? And how might a Master of Education in Adult Education degree be relevant for someone working in healthcare? In this episode of Yorkville University In Conversation, nurses Maricia Silvera-Batson and Erin Courtney, talk about why Adult Education fit so well with their nursing backgrounds.