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Guide to Online Learning

Guide to Online Learning

Just as the Internet has transformed the way people live their lives, online learning is rapidly offering new options to students pursuing their education. The Yorkville University online learning environment provides the perfect learning platform for adults looking for a more flexible alternative to traditional in-class instruction for any reason. Yorkville offers unparalleled, rigorous academic training and credentials, through highly interactive courses and an online platform that models best practices in student-centered design.

Flexibility and Choice

A major advantage of online learning at Yorkville University is that the university’s courses are designed for people who need the flexibility to balance work or family commitments with their academic schedule. Students can complete their education from any location at any time of the day with a computer and an Internet connection. Support from faculty, Student Services, and the technical team is only a click away. Yorkville University’s accelerated programs allow students to complete their degrees faster than usual if they wish. While many universities run only a few courses during the summer, at Yorkville most courses are offered year-round, including the summer, allowing students to complete their degrees more quickly than in a traditional university environment.

Online Campus

Once accepted at Yorkville University, students are connected to a community called Courses. Yorkville University’s Online Campus is a secure, password-protected, easy-to-navigate site where learning and interaction happens. Students can find what they will need for each course clearly marked on that course’s home page, including: the course syllabus, weekly schedules, readings, and assignments. Assignments are clearly outlined with straightforward upload instructions.

The flexible yet structured nature of Yorkville University’s course design allows students to develop their own academic rhythm. Courses go live to students one week before the actual course start date. This allows students the opportunity to view the required course work and schedule their time around family/work commitments accordingly.

Students never feel alone in online learning, as they are always connected to their classmates and professors. Professors are accessible within 24 hours by phone, email or through the online campus during the week. Faculty at Yorkville are mentored in best practices in online instruction, and are skilled at facilitating a productive, enjoyable, and highly interactive learning environment for all students.

Strong Online Community

Online learning means students have access to an online environment of not just dedicated professors, but also passionate fellow learners. One of the biggest benefits to online learning is the amount of interaction students have with each other. Not only does this allow them to get the full benefit of each other’s unique perspectives and worldviews, but it also creates an online network of professional peers, one that will continue to add value long after a student has finished the program.

The online student at Yorkville is a global student. Students may reside anywhere across Canada, North America, or the world. In the Yorkville classroom, students benefit from a broad range of opinions, a wide degree of cultural diversity, and the chance to network with people from a variety of career backgrounds.

Discussion Forums

An online course is made up of a number of units/modules of study. Each unit/module of study incorporates a discussion forum that takes place over each week of study. The professor will set a topic for each unit/module of study, and students post their questions and comments about the topic in an animated and interactive online conversation, with the professor directing and contributing to shape the debate and help promote depth and breadth of understanding. Online learning is similar to a traditional course, only students have more time to formulate their thoughts on their own time and add greater value. Students can spend time researching and developing a deeper and more critical perspective on the content before posting to the weekly discussion boards.

Study Commitment

Students should expect to devote as much time to an online degree as they would to a degree in a traditional in-class setting. It is strongly recommended that each student set his or her own study plan, which incorporates a schedule that balances the course work required with their personal obligations. For example, if a student has a new unit/module of study beginning every Monday, they may want to make a habit of booking two hours every Sunday night to devote to class prep or finishing course work.


ePortfolio is a unique element in online learning. It allows students to feature their best work that they wish to include in a portfolio for potential employers. With ePortfolio, students can store and organize their files in one easy-to-manage online location and access them anytime and anywhere through an Internet link. Students can also add their own files to their ePortfolio, for example, a resume or video profile. By the time a student has finished his or her studies at Yorkville University, their ePortfolio has become an invaluable tool to send to prospective employers.

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