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September 3, 2017

Written by Erin Hatfield

Recently, Ellyn Lyle, the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University, published her fourth book, At the Intersection of Selves and Subject, Exploring the Curricular Landscape of Identity.

This book aims to raise awareness of the inextricability of our teaching and learning selves and the subjects with whom and which we engage. By exploring identity at this intersection, we invite scholars and practitioners to reconceptualize relationships with students, curriculum, and their varied contexts. Our hope is to encourage authenticity, consciousness, and criticality that will foster more liberating ways of teaching and learning.

This collection will be useful for pre- and in-service teachers, teacher educators, and educational researchers. It is a valuable resource for teacher education courses such as Curriculum Studies, Reflexive Practice, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching Methods, Current Issues in Education, Collaborative Inquiry, and Narrative Inquiry.

Yorkville’s Associate Dean Faculty Development Jill B. Cummings along with Mary L. Blatherwick from the University of New Brunswick recently had their book, Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, published by Sense Publishing.

Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century appeals to educators across disciplines teaching at every age level who are challenged daily to develop creative practices that promote innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving.

The thirty-five original chapters written by educators from different disciplines focus on theoretical and practical strategies for teaching creatively in contexts ranging from mathematics to music, art education to second language learning, aboriginal wisdom to technology and STEM. They explore and illustrate deep learning that is connected to issues vital in education – innovation, identity, engagement, relevance, interaction, collaboration, online learning, dynamic assessment, learner autonomy, sensory awareness, social justice, aesthetics, critical thinking, digital media, multi-modal literacy and more.

The editors and authors share their passion for creativity, teaching, learning, curriculum, and teacher education in this collection that critically examines creative practices that are appearing in today’s public schools, post-secondary institutions and adult and community learning centres. Creativity is transforming education in the 21st century.

Ethical Practice in the “Gig Economy” is a recent article by Dr. Deirdre Pickerell, Dean of Academics for Yorkville University’s BC programs. This explores how the ever-changing world of work has impacted job seekers and the career development practitioners and counsellors who support them. The emerging “Gig Economy” has resulted in an era of temporary contracts, self-employment, and freelance work. Pickerell offers 10 practical tips to guide helping professionals’ ethical practice within the “Gig Economy” beginning with staying current and ending with leading by example.