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After completing fourteen academic courses with a minimum cumulative grade point average of B (3.0), students are eligible to begin their practicum. A practicum consists of 400 hours of counselling experience in a professional counselling setting. Two hundred of the hours involve direct, supervised contact with clients. The practicum is normally completed over two fifteen-week terms. Students are responsible for finding a suitable practicum site, although the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences is available to assist. Practicum settings and eligible on-site supervisors must be approved by the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences prior to commencement of the practicum.

The practicum experience takes place within the context of a course led by a member of the faculty. Students complete a number of self-directed learning modules related to the practice of counselling psychology, participate in twelve live seminars, engage in individual supervision with a faculty supervisor, and prepare a multi-staged case analysis.

The practicum and related course build upon the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the previous courses. At the end of this seminar, students will be able to:

  • Integrate theory, research literature, and practice in case conceptualization, planning, and counselling interventions
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in basic interviewing and counselling skills
  • Reconstruct the counselling process for one or more counselling clients, using case notes and audio/video tapes
  • Self-evaluate levels of counselling competency
  • Formulate self-directed learning goals and strategies for ongoing professional development, based on analysis of appropriate self-assessment
  • Summarize counselling process and client progress in interim and final reports
  • Synthesize learning from throughout the MACP program to design and develop practical counselling tools (e.g., a client workbook, group counselling program, or topical facilitators’ guide)
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