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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments (career, psychological, and academic) are used by human resources professionals, career/employment counsellors, career practitioners, counsellors, family therapists, and rehabilitation professionals. However, only those professionals with a degree and specific training in tests and measurements are able to purchase, administer, and interpret “B” level assessments.

  • CPE510: Fundamentals of Psychometric Assessments 
    This online course introduces the basic statistical concepts that are foundational to psychometric assessments (e.g., scaling, norms, frequency, correlation) and introduces factors that impact reliability and validity in test construction and use.
  • CPE521: Psychometric Assessments “B” Level
    This course provides opportunities for participants to examine, discuss, and practice using a wide variety of “B” level assessment instruments that measure achievement, aptitude, career interests, personal style, values, and other individual characteristics.

Course Developer: Dr. Roberta Neault is an award-winning career management specialist with over three decades of relevant experience administering and interpreting psychological assessments. She has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology, serves as the Associate Dean of Yorkville University’s Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, and developed and instructs the Psychological Assessment course (PSYC6123)for Yorkville University’s Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Program. Dr. Neault is the recipient of the Gold Medal and Diamond Pin Award for International Leadership in Career Development and Career Counselling in Canada and is committed to the highest ethical standards of practice. Learn more about Dr. Neault at

This program is offered as a joint initiative with Life Strategies Ltd. All instructors have PhDs and extensive experience administering and interpreting psychometric assessments and teaching online. For further information, visit them at, or by contacting:

Life Strategies Ltd.
[email protected]
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