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Professional Designations for Graduates

Professional Designation for Master of Education in Educational Leadership

By virtue of the interprovincial and territorial Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), an accredited degree specifically accepted for the certification process in one province is to be accepted in all provinces and territories. Yorkville University is designated by the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act to offer its Master of Education in Educational Leadership.  The Teacher Certification branch of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education has approved the Master of Education in Educational Leadership for use towards a higher Teacher Certification, as well as for Principal’s Certification. Note that students planning to apply for Principal’s Certification in New Brunswick must have included in their program successful completion of both EDEL6213 – Assessment and Evaluation in Education and EDEL6223 – Supervision of instruction.  In other jurisdictions, it remains the responsibility of students to contact their regional boards of education to determine if similar additional requirements unique to a region exist.

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