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Karen Ludwig Returns to Yorkville University as VP, Growth Initiatives

May 21, 2020

FREDERICTON, NB—Yorkville University is thrilled to announce that Karen Ludwig is re-joining the institution as the Vice President, Growth Initiatives. Although this means she will be stepping down as the Liberal candidate for Saint Croix, Ludwig said the move means she can make an immediate impact on the lives of Canadians and the economic recovery of Canada through education.

“In the decades to follow, 2020 will be remembered not only for the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 but how we each responded, helped, and adapted,” Ludwig said in a statement she issued when announcing she was stepping down from politics. “The economic recovery plan from this pandemic will include a strong Canadian post-secondary education sector.”

Yorkville University, Canada’s premier online post-secondary institution, has had great success during the past 15 years, creating online bachelor and master level programs that are accessible, flexible and practical. Ludwig explained that this kind of post-secondary education will be a considerable component of Canada’s economic recovery plan.

“My role as Vice President, Growth Initiatives is aimed at opening doors, improving access and getting more people involved in professional education,” Ludwig said. “A big priority is expanding access to Canadian post-secondary education.”

Yorkville University’s mission is to provide rigorous degree programs to students who, for reasons of geographic remoteness, health and disability conditions, and family, work or community obligations, would otherwise not be able to complete post-secondary education.  This mission takes on a new relevance in light of the pandemic and Yorkville University has been uniquely positioned to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the current situation.

“I have deep respect for Karen’s expertise in online teaching and learning and in post-secondary education in general.  Yorkville University is privileged to have her re-join our community as Vice-President, Growth Initiatives at this pivotal time.  We are excited she has chosen to continue her important service to her community through Yorkville University and with Karen’s contribution I am confident we will continue to play a leading role in the delivery of accessible and practical education to Canadians and the world,” said Dr. Walter Lee, Yorkville University’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Enrolment.

Before entering politics, Ludwig was the Associate Dean of Faculty Development at Yorkville University as well as a professor.  She was elected to represent the riding of New Brunswick Southwest in the House of Commons of Canada in 2015 until 2019.

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