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UPS / Yorkville Partnership Proving Rewarding For Company Employees

From east to the west, UPS Canada employees say they are already reaping the rewards of an educational partnership their employer has with Yorkville University.

From tuition benefits to a convenient online learning environment and knowledge that directly applies to their careers, employees like Darren Sinden and Abria Young, who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Yorkville, say they couldn’t be more pleased with the program and the partnership.

Darren Sinden, from Calgary, Alberta, is an on-car training supervisor with UPS, meaning he trains new staff and does an annual ride along with veteran staff. He enrolled in the BBA at Yorkville University about six months ago. Already, he said, the learning in the program and permeating his work life at UPS.


Darren Sinden with his wife and 2 of his 3 sons.

“Before UPS I was in management in restaurants for about 15 years, but I didn’t have any formal management training,” Darren explained. “Now being able to put ideas and everything together, I am able to better communicate with management at UPS.”

Yorkville’s general BBA is offered entirely online, which allows students to continue to work while pursuing their degree. The program is rooted in fundamental and traditional business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance and marketing, with a focus on the role that ethics, effective decision-making, and leadership play in the management of successful business operations.

Darren, 42, said he has always wanted to obtain a degree and having his BBA from Yorkville will assist in pursuing future opportunities to grow within the company.

“Once I get this BBA under my belt I will be able to get that next promotion a little bit faster,” Darren said.

UPS Canada teamed up with Yorkville University, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, to help make it easier for their employees to enhance their education and elevate their careers. For their part, Yorkville offers a number of benefits to employees of UPS Canada who enroll, including waiving the $75 application fee and the $300 Registration Fee. Yorkville also waiving the Leave of Absence fee when a busy workload results in time away from studies.

Another deciding factor in Darren’s decision to enroll at Yorkville was a delayed payment option Yorkville offers UPS employees.

“To register for the course you just walk into HR and it takes about five or 10 minutes to input the information and send away an email,” Darren explained. “You get approval from your business manager and program director and then when your marks come in, you hand it in with your receipt and they mail you a cheque right away.”

In terms of the schoolwork, it does take some juggling to get all his coursework done while working and raising his family, but Darren said he has figured how to get a good balance.

“I have my priorities and then I work everything else around that,” he explained. “In the morning I will run on the treadmill and read my online books, I go to work and if I have time at lunch I will log in and do a DQ (discussion question). Having everything online is fantastic.”

Darren has three sons, one 18 and then two young sons Alexander, 4, and Aiden, 1.5,

“I base my entire day around making sure I am home by 7:30 or 8 p.m. to do bedtime stories,” Darren said, adding that even though he works and studies at Yorkville, he still spends quality time with his sons every day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country UPS employee Abria Young, is also seeing her studies in Yorkville’s BBA impacting her work in that the course has helped her to develop critical thinking skills.

“The things I learn in my course work I can turn around and apply to my day-to-day and make sure I am making better-rounded decisions in the actual operations of the segment that I run,” Abria said.

Young, who lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, enrolled at Yorkville’s BBA in 2015.


Abria Young

Yorkville was extremely accommodating through the application process and worked with me to maximize transfer credits,” Abria explained. “The admissions process was really smooth and the enrollment into courses is really smooth, as compared to other schools I have entered.”

At UPS Abria works in small package operations and runs a package center.

“I manage a fleet of drivers and all of the operations encompassed in that,” Abria explained. “That includes Health and Safety for the drivers, safe driving methods, training for the entire workforce and I manage a clerical team that handles the customer service aspect locally.”

Self-development is important at UPS, Abria said, and she get a lot of support from her manager and division manager to continue her education.

“UPS looks to promote from within, they look to develop the people who work for them and continue to be pillars of the organization,” Abria explained.

“It is definitely challenging, but that is why I signed up,” she said. “It is a personal goal for me to finish my bachelor, and I have hopes to go on and pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) as well.”

Her ultimate goal, Abria said, is to grow to be a leader within the UPS organization.

“I want to be my own personal best and I want to make sure I am giving everything I can to the company as well.

Abria takes two online courses at a time and she said she finds it is important to have strong time management and she tends to work around 20 to 30 hours a week on the program.

“But I tend to be a bit of an overachiever and won’t ever accept anything but my absolute best,” she said. “I think everyone I have encountered at UPS is capable of doing their BBA at Yorkville if that is what they want to do.”

To find out more about Yorkville University and it’s BBA program, click here.

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