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Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 MACP Graduation

This spring, Yorkville University will host a graduation ceremony for eligible graduates of the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) program. In this guest blog, Lan Hu, Yorkville University’s Registrar in Frederiction, New Brunswick, answers all your questions about the upcoming ceremony:



When is the MACP graduation ceremony? 

The graduation ceremony is on Friday, June 19, 2020.


Is there also a BBA and MEd graduation ceremony this year?

This year’s ceremony is only for MACP graduates, but a ceremony for all programs will take place in 2021.


Where is the MACP graduation ceremony? 

The ceremony is being held at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Is there a special group booking rate available at the Delta Hotel?  

Yes, we have negotiated a special booking rate for anyone attending the graduation. Click here for the rate.


Am I eligible to participate in the ceremony?

The graduation ceremony may be attended in either of these two circumstances:

You have already successfully completed the entire MACP program or you have completed all other elements of the program, and you are registered in PSYC7106 T2 in the 2020 Winter term or PSYC7106 T2 in the 2020 Spring term. If you are uncertain if you are eligible, please contact your program advisor by submitting a case to AskYU.


How do I register for the graduation ceremony and when is the deadline?

Most eligible attendees should have already received the Graduation Ceremony Attendance Form. This form must be completed and submitted no later than Sunday March 29, 2020. If you have not received the form, you can find it here.


When is the latest I can arrive and still make the ceremony?

We highly recommend people arrive at least the night before. We also recommend you do not wait and take the very last flight possible as we would hate for there to be delays and risk missing the ceremony.


If I cannot attend the graduation ceremony this year, can I attend the ceremony next year?

Yes, you certainly can attend next year! You should receive an invitation and updated details in early 2021, but if not, feel free to email [email protected] for the latest info.


Do I have to wear a gown? Where do I get one?

All graduates attending the ceremony must wear an academic gown arranged through Yorkville University. Correctly providing sizing details on your Graduation Ceremony Attendance Form ensures your gown will be comfortable and fit properly. The gowns (and accompanying v-stoles) will be available for pick up at the cloak room across from the Grand Ballroom the night before, and the morning of, convocation.


I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but what do I wear under the gown?

The gown has long sleeves and extends down to a little above your ankles. As well, the collar area is a little open. What you wear underneath is accordingly visible, at least in part, so try to wear something professional looking. As far as shoes go, they will be entirely visible. You may be standing for some time before the actual ceremony and you will need to climb a few stairs to the stage, so we recommend you keep these things in mind when choosing your footwear.


Will we have to wear a graduation cap?

Here at Yorkville University, the graduation cap (also known as a “mortarboard”) is not part of our graduation attire. Rather, all graduates will receive and wear the traditional academic gown, as well as a v-stole. You will look great!


How many guests can I bring?

We encourage you to bring the people who have supported you in your studies, so we limit to how many guests you can bring, but please be respectful of your fellow graduates. If you think you might have too many guests, send an email to [email protected]. With a better idea of how many people have registered, they will be able to give you some sound advice about how many folks you should invite.


Do my guests need a ticket?

No tickets or other paperwork are required for you or your guests.


How do I reserve seating? Where will my guests and I sit?

Seating will be in a specific area for graduates, and general seating is available for the guests. Ushers will be at the door to assist you.


Will I receive my degree parchment at the ceremony?

The degree parchments are not distributed at the ceremony; instead, the parchments are ordered by submitting a “Graduation Request Form.” Upon the completion of your program, you will be emailed this form. Once this form is received by the Registrar’s Office, your degree parchment will be printed, signed, and couriered directly to you. Please note the degree parchments are printed in batches of 100, so you will not receive your degree parchment immediately following the completion of your degree.


If I cannot attend the graduation in person, can I still watch it online?

Absolutely! A videographer will be streaming the ceremony live on the YU Alumni Facebook page.


Will someone be taking photographs during the ceremony?

A professional photographer will be taking individual photographs during the ceremony, and group photos afterwards. All of these photos will be free for graduates once the photographer posts them online for viewing.


How do I order the professional graduation photographs?

The Registrar’s Office will send you a link to the photographs once the photographer has a chance to process them and post them online.


Can my family and friends take pictures of me during the ceremony?

Of course! This is a BIG deal and those closest to you will want to help you remember it forever! To ensure there is no disruption during the ceremony, we ask anyone taking pictures to do so from a designated area close to the stage. Ask the ushers (or any YU staff) where that area is when you arrive. And remember, professional photos will also be available after the ceremony.


Can I register as an alumnus?

Yes! As an alumnus, you can share news, camaraderie, support and inspiration with your fellow YU graduates. To register, simply send an email to the alumni office.

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