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BBA Student and Military Bombardier Fulfills Leadership Dream | Chelsea’s YU Story

Chelsea Hazel Marie Fraser, a bombardier in the Royal Canadian Artillery, and a second-year student in Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is quickly seeing the pursuit of her dream of a university education paying off.

The 25-year old initially enrolled in Yorkville’ BBA to acquire the leadership and business skills she needed to guide and manage her subordinates, and this goal is already coming to fruition by way of her recent appointment to the position of head of the New Brunswick chapter of “It’s Just 700”, an initiative within the military to support victims of sexual assault.

“[It’s Just 700] is a group [that allows sexual assault victims] to open up and connect to and know that there is a safe place to share your story,” explained Fraser.  “There’s no judgment or anger– it’s just a strong network of people coming together to support one another. It’s a great group and I’m so excited to see it grow.”

Fraser is no stranger to significant responsibility.  She has been a member of the Canadian Military for six and a half years but had come to recognize in order to thrive and grow in her career, she needed the depth of understanding and skills that only higher education can provide.

“My inspiration was really the people around me,” she said.  “I was at the point in my career where I was taking on more leadership roles.  To be an excellent leader you really need a strong solid education,” Fraser said.  “If you have someone you’re mentoring and you want them to be better individuals you have to better yourself first. When I was put into all these leadership roles, I didn’t necessarily have the education I wanted at the time to be the best leader I could be. My motivation for coming to Yorkville University was to mentor these younger soldiers and to fulfill my dream of education.”

For Fraser, who comes from a military family, her involvement in the Canadian Military isn’t just a career, but a calling.

“Becoming an officer for me is not just the rank that you wear on your chest, it’s who you identify as a person and once I have that education I can take that step and become the best person for the Canadian area forces I can be,” she said.

“I needed something that allowed me to be both a soldier and a scholar. Yorkville University has allowed me to do that.”

As a member of the Canadian Military, Fraser receives a bursary towards her studies at Yorkville Universtiy. To find out more about this bursary program click here.


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