Life After an MEd | Patricia Regier’s Yorkville Story

Alumni Success

October 3, 2018

Nearly four years after she graduated from the Master of Education in Adult Education at Yorkville University, Patricia Regier not only remains passionate about education, but has built a business around it.

Initially, Regier planned on having her capstone paper published in an academic journal, but she is now considering the possibility of self-publishing her final project, an action research paper titled “Learning How to Work in Collaboration” exploring how organizations can work well together including how to navigate boundaries in interagency projects/programs.

“Part of the reason why I didn’t publish it, is because I wasn’t necessarily going into the academic sector, and my focus shifted,” said Regier.

That shift in focus came in the form of launching her own business, an education consulting company called Regier Education.

“I was concerned that if I was going to use my own research for my own published works or an online course or workshops that I’m then charging for, the academic journal would own it, and if I was charging for that intellectual property… it’s one thing to quote yourself in a peer review journal, but it’s another thing if I’m charging for an online course or workshop.”

Instead, Regier plans to repurpose the material to serve her own business, and to possibly publish it in book form, and as a variety of educational products.

“I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning,” Regier said. “Not everyone’s learning is academic, but they still want to grow and learn in their own way.  So [Regier Education] offer[s] online courses, keynote speaking, leading workshops and book publishing and other resources as well.  It’s a whole package.”

Regier remains inspired by her experience at Yorkville University, the format of the education she received, and the relationships she established there.

“I just sent a quote out through Instagram by Dr. Ellyn Lyle [Dean of the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University],” said Regier. “I loved [Lyle’s book, “Of Books, Barns & Boardrooms”] and it’s interesting, because when I went back to pull a quote out to reference her, I realized that that book was an integral part of where I was at that point.”


Regier looks forward to growing her business, and continuing to share with others her passion for education and personal and professional growth.

“What I learned at Yorkville with my (Master of Education in Adult Education) really fuels my work and informs my work and adds to it. The over-20 years of experience combined with a fantastic education really helps me open up more doors and opportunities.”

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