Yorkville Student Now Have a New Support in Place for Learning and Academic Success

Student Stories

March 3, 2017

Written by Erin Hatfield

Learning is always an enriching experience, but it also can be a challenging one. But, the next time a student at Yorkville University is struggling with a discussion post, a paper or critical thinking skills, they will have a new place to turn to achieve academic success.

This week, Yorkville University unveiled its new Learning Success Centre, (LSC) a resource that provides guidance and advice to students on important academic subjects such as APA standards, research methods and effective academic writing. The LSC is a hub for the curation of invaluable information for students, and its development was many months in the making.

The site brings together many of the tools for success that Yorkville has in place, into one central and user-friendly online space. It gives students access to the Writing Lab, Math Lab, the Library as well as a wealth of articles on important topics like time management, self care and monitoring your progress.

The Learning Success Centre is the result of a collaborative effort among faculty and staff, and was tirelessly spearheaded by Dr. Rita Kop, Yorkville’s dean of the faculty of education, with major contributions by Project Support Specialist Taylor Seely. The goal of the Learning Success Centre (LSC), they explained,  is to meet the academic support needs of all Yorkville University students as they strive for success in their program.

“Dr. Kop is the single continuous voice who really advocated for this resource,” said Paul Graham, Yorkville University’s librarian, who also encouraged the establishment of the Learning Success Centre from the beginning.

“The Learning Success Centre came about because of a clear need on the part of Yorkville’s students, for a well-designed, accessible and robust resource to support academic excellence,” Graham explained.

“We have some really interesting ideas unique to Yorkville.  We’re focused on critical learning pathways that involve choosing the best resources, and putting them in order to create a pathway that can be integrated into a specific course,” Graham explained. “It will organically grow over time and will be focused on real specific needs of students as they go through their courses,” said Graham.

Students are encouraged to spend some time looking at the Learning Success Centre and uncovering all it has to offer. Also stay tuned for added resources such as a video tutorial on the site.