CSTD recognizes Yorkville’s Master of Education in Adult Education

Student Stories

December 10, 2014

Written by Erin Hatfield


The Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) now recognizes Yorkville University’s Master of Education in Adult Education.

Rita Kop, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University, explained the CSTD is the largest organization in Canada related to training and development, so the recognition is a significant one.

“The CSTD recognizes that the outcomes of our program are in line with the competencies that professionals in the learning and development field need,” Kop explained.

Yorkville University’s M.Ed. in Adult Education is designed for working professionals who seek opportunities in teaching and training, and are currently employed in industries such as health care, public services, post-secondary education or workforce development. This online master degree builds core competencies, such as evaluation and program development, alongside applied educational research skills.

Kopp said Yorkville University made an application to the CSTD and completed an extensive exercise in mapping the competencies and learning outcomes of the Master of Education in Adult Education program in relation to the CSTD’s criteria of what is considered a good program.

In the end, Yorkville’s M.Ed. in Adult Education was recognized by the CSTD as addressing the competency areas for the learning and development professional as outlined in the Competencies for Training and Development Professionals.

There are benefits to students that come with this recognition, Kop explained.

“They are eligible for student membership of CSTD and graduates are given credit of one year towards the work experience requirement of certification (Certified Training and Development Professional).”

For more information on the M.Ed. in Adult Education at Yorkville University visit http://bit.ly/1nTGLoC