BID Grad Salma Sherif Now Pursuing Master’s at Ball State University

Alumni Success

November 27, 2020

Yorkville University alumnus Salma Sherif has parlayed her Bachelor of Interior Design degree into an opportunity to pursue her passion at a post-graduate level. 

The Class of 2019 graduate is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Interior Design degree program at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. 

“Interior design has been my dream and passion since I was a child. I always liked to redesign my room, my drawers, my closet,” said Sherif, who is currently working at an interior design firm in Egypt while studying towards her Master’s degree online. 

“Maybe it’s something in my personality. I always loved designing functional and flexible designs myself…This is the career that I want to pursue, so having the knowledge to do it makes this come true.” 

An avid traveler, Sherif said it was the flexibility offered by Yorkville University’s online Bachelor of Interior Design program that initially drew her to the program. 

“The idea that you can study anywhere around the world; that you can take your university with you anywhere you go…that made it a great option for me,” she said, noting that the biggest takeaway she brought with her from Yorkville into her new Master’s program was the importance of time management.

“Being able to manage your time efficiently and start ahead is very important…Also, constant learning and being introduced to sustainability and the idea of conserving the environment while designing. These are the major things I think help me do my Master’s studies currently.” 

Now in her third semester at Ball State – where she’s currently studying healthcare, universal and inclusive designs – Sherif said she hopes her post-graduate studies might one day lead to an interior design teaching position at a university. 

“If I had a chance to teach at universities, definitely I would go for it,” she enthused. “Maybe teaching online would be an option for me.” 

As for her advice to other aspiring interior designers, Sherif urged those who are considering following in her footsteps into post-graduate studies to definitely do so. 

“I would advise them to always try to plan ahead, to follow your dreams, and definitely, if you want to pursue a career in interior design, it would strengthen your CV if you were to have a Master’s degree,” she said.