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September 2017

Recently Published: Yorkville Faculty in Print

A number of our Yorkville University faculty have had their work appear in print recently. Read about the latest books and articles here.

MACP Alumnus Christine Hakkola Travels the World, Leading with her Heart, and Living her Dream of Helping Others

"I wake up every day so excited to work," said registered counselling psychotherapist and Yorkville University Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology alumnus Christine Hakkola (nee Lee).  "It’s pretty great.  I can live in the middle of nowhere, and have access to clients all across the country.  Once or twice a month I am either hosting international workshops or attending them.  All my clients are amazing.  The online world opens up a whole world of potential. "   

Insider Tips for Success in Your Studies  

On September 5th, Yorkville University will welcome another cohort of graduate studies students who have taken the first step to achieving their personal and professional goals. Whether you are entering a Master of Education in Educational Leadership program, on the cusp of starting a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, or pursuing a Master of Education in Adult Education, graduate school requires significant commitment, effort and planning for success.  Who better to advise then those who have made it through the thick? The Alumni Relations Office at Yorkville University has reached out to graduates for their top tips for success and here is what they had to say: