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Course Descriptions

  • BUSI3503
    Energy Policy and Regulations

    This course will examine Canadian federal and provincial government policy and regulation affecting the energy industry and energy consumers. The significant impact that climate change has on policy development will be studied through an examination of various Government Acts such as the Green Energy Act, Ontario Energy Board Act, the Electricity Act, the Energy Efficiency Act and the Building Code. Specific applications related to energy auditing will be emphasized. Current federal and provincial incentive programs will be examined and strategies to keep current with these programs will be explored. (3 credits) Prerequisite(s): None

  • BUSI3513
    Energy Risk Management

    This course will provide students with an understanding of oil, natural gas and electricity markets and the participants in these industries. Specific focus will be placed on how supply and demand factors influence energy prices and how energy derivatives are priced. Competencies will be developed on anticipating issues associated with energy market deregulation. Through assigned readings and group discussions, students will be expected to understand how to use energy derivative instruments to mitigate risk. (3 credits) Pre-requisite: BUSI3503

  • BUSI3523

    Energy Supply Chain Management

    This course focuses on the decision-making role of the operations manager in transforming organizational inputs into desired outputs. The major issues and problems of designing, scheduling, operating and controlling the production system are examined. In order to compete and better position themselves in the global economy, energy organizations are finding that a managed supply chain is the key to success, leading to increased customer satisfaction, improved performance, lower costs and better product development. Students will learn to discuss the drivers of price changes, how the Canadian energy sector fits into the larger global context when seeking secure sources for construction materials, assets and equipment, and what extent stockpiling or overestimating requirements impact the bottom line. Students will identify how energy supply chain management relates to customer satisfaction, improved performance, lowering costs and product development. In addition, students will be exposed to the following terms: procurement, upstream and downstream, raw materials, and forecasting. (3 credits) Pre-requisite: BUSI3503

  • BUSI3533

    International Energy Development and Policy

    This course will provide students with the tools to understand the complexities of international energy markets, and the impact of global government policy on energy development. The course will focus on international energy development, energy contracts, sustainable development, and the management of environmental and corporate social responsibility issues. (3 credits) Pre-requisite: BUSI3503

  • BUSI3543

    Energy Management Capstone Project

    This course will provide students with an experiential opportunity to reinforce, synthesize, and build on the energy management knowledge and skills they developed in previous courses. Students will work in teams to develop an impact assessment of a proposed new energy project within a Canadian jurisdiction. Students will be required to apply knowledge from all four SCM courses in their development of the project. (3 credits) Pre-requisite: BUSI3513, BUSI3523, BUSI3533

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