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Course Descriptions

  • BUSI3503
    Introduction to Energy Management

    This course begins with an overview of energy’s role in society, from the harnessing of fire for heating and cooking, the early use of water and wind to the advancements which allowed for a more effective use of fossil fuels, and the subsequent impact on industrialization. Society’s present reliance on energy, across all aspects of life, will also be briefly explored. Students are then introduced to the nature of energy as a key aspect of business operations, from the energy business to energy inputs across all aspects of business and society. Students will explore issues of energy resource planning from conventional energy to current clean energy technologies, climate change mitigation, conservation practices, and likely long-term energy transitions. Students will explore the full range of energy systems and application stakeholders and be introduced to the relevant terminology. (3 credits).

  • BUSI3513
    Energy Policy, Legislation, and Social Environment

    This course examines International as well as Canadian federal, provincial, and local government policy, legislation, and regulations affecting the energy industry and energy consumers. Students will explore constitutional issues, the changing regulatory environment, and the impact of stakeholders including indigenous peoples and environmental groups through the examination of a current Canadian energy project. Current federal and provincial incentive programs will be examined and strategies for building political, social, and business linkages for energy products and applications in the context of the principles of sustainable enterprise will be developed. Prerequisite(s): BUSI 3503

  • BUSI3523
    Energy Systems Operation

    This course focuses on the operation of energy systems in the business cycle. Students will explore decision-making role of the operations manager in performing economic analyses regarding energy types, conservation, and other production trade-offs as they relate to company strategy in the context of sustainability and clean-energy transitions. Students will identify how energy supply system management and conservation relates to customer satisfaction, improved performance, lower costs, and product development. Energy use standards such as ASHRAE, LEED, NECB, ISO 50001, and others will be applied to business processes. (3 credits). Pre-requisite: BUSI3503

  • BUSI3533
    Energy Futures & Transitions

    This course provides students with the tools to understand the complexities of regional, national, and international energy markets, and the impact of global government policy on energy development as well as the changing nature of energy types and technologies. The course will focus on international energy development, energy contracts, sustainable development, and the management of environmental and corporate social responsibility issues. Clean energy systems and applications, use-cost curves, and energy application transitions and risk management will be applied to standard business scenarios. Forecasting energy management trends will be examined as a core component of business operations. Students will develop a major case analysis of an international energy project. (3 credits). Pre-requisite: BUSI3513, BUSI3523

  • BUSI3543
    Energy Strategy Capstone Project

    This course provides students with an experiential opportunity to reinforce, synthesize, and build on the energy management knowledge and skills they developed in previous courses. Students will work in teams to develop an impact assessment of a current energy issue or project as it relates to business and industry strategy. Students will be required to apply knowledge from all four Energy Management courses in the development of their project. (3 credits). Pre- requisite(s): BUSI3533

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